All of the commands for command blocks

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by ColbaltHD » 6/26/2013

Here are all of the commands that you can enter into a command block hope you enjoy :D
Redstone Related

/pulse [x,y,z] <length in ticks>
If length not set, default button pulse.
/power [level] [x,y,z]
Powers a block as specified in the xyz.

Mob and Player Related

/tag @* ["ID"]
Tags the target with an ID.

/spawnentity (mob name|entity ID) {if entity with extra data, supply data here} [number to spawn]
Spawns an entity.

/launch [player][x][y][z]
Launches the player as if getting knockback from a mob
The x, y and z values determine the strength of knockback in their respective directions

/giveitem [player]
Use: This would require a box somewhere on the command block GUI which you could place one item in. You can put any item in here,
including enchanted items or dyed armor (Which you currently can't give with the /give command,
they have extra values besides damage and data values that describe them), and, when activated, this command would give the player specified that item.
With this, you can give out enchanted things, dyed armor, or written books without a dispenser. No amount or damage value is specified in command because
this can be applied directly
to the item before putting it in the slot (if you put a stack of items in the slot, it will give the player a stack of items)

Block, Item and World Related

/place <item ID> <amount> <stacked?> <inventory?> <coordinates>
Places the <item ID> with the amount of <amount> at the chest you are looking at, or if <inventory?> is true, it will place it in your inventory. <coordinates> will let you place the items in the chest at <coordinates>.

/remove <item ID> <amount> <stacked?> <inventory?> <coordinates>
Removes the <item ID> with the amount of <amount> at the chest you are looking at, or if <inventory?> is true, it will remove the item in your inventory. <coordinates> will let you remove the items in the chest at <coordinates>.

/fill <item ID> <inventory?> <coordinates>
This command will fill the chest you are looking at with that item, or at the coordinates <coordinates>, and if <inventory?> is true, then it will fill your inventory instead.

/empty <item ID> <inventory?> <coordinates>
This command will empty the chest you are looking at with that item, or at the coordinates <coordinates>, and if <inventory?> is true, then it will empty your inventory instead. If there is no item ID, then it will empty everything.

/explode [x,y,z] <radius>
Makes an explosion at x,y,z with a radius of radius. If no radius specified, creates a creeper explosion size.

/equip [target/selector] <item/chest direction>
/apply [target/selector] <item/chest direction>
/give [target/selector] <item/chest direction>
Does what they say they do.

/name [target] [item] [name for item]
Names the item.

/lore [target] [item] [lore for item]
Gives lore to an item.

/pblock [block ID] [xyz] (override existing block: t|f)
Places a block

/cblock [xyz] <block IDs not to remove>
Removes a block

/gamerule dispensersConsumeItems [true|false]
If false, dispensers can keep dispensing without actually using up the items

/togglespawner (on|off) <x,y,z>
Toggled whether a spawner's active or not.

/triggerspawner <x,y,z> <number of mobs>
Makes adjacent spawners or the one specified in xyz spawn the number of mobs specified or 1 if not.

Toggles world pause.

/sethead [player or mob name]
Changes the held Head into the specified one.


/gamerule cheats (true|false)
Sets if cheats are enabled or not.

/gamerule breakable [IDs or all] (true|false)
Sets whetehr the block is breakable or not. This overrides Adventure Mode.

/gamerule fall @ (true|false)
Sets whether fall damage is on for the target.

/gamerule usable [function] (true|false)
Sets whether the function is usable.

/gamerule explosions (true|false)
Sets whether explosions are enabled or not.

/gamerule fire (true|false)
Sets whether fire is allowed to exist.

/gamerule liquidPour (true|false)
Sets whether fluids can move

/gamerule blockArea <@> (x,y,z) [owner]
Prevents modification of an area except by the owner. If a target is set, it prevents them from modifying it.
Hope you learned!
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by pikakill41 » 6/26/2013

There is More that come with different plugins,However that would take hours to type up.
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by Gjed » 10/24/2013

Do you know if all the commands work also with 1.6.4?
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by SwooceRoDah » 10/24/2013

This is really useful, thanks!
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by WhalePlaysMC » 10/24/2013

Thanks! You should make this into a blog! I WOULD TOTALY DIAMOND IT
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by MC Albert Minestein » 10/29/2013

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by Skullduggerycain » 11/16/2013

Hmmmm, a lot don't seem to be working, here's what I'm putting in for /launch

/launch @p 46.61477 69.000 218.55162

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by poltercreeper » 11/16/2013

um, some of these commands are not in vanilla minecraft, look here:
Bro, do you even Command Block?
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by Falconblade99 » 11/16/2013

What command block mods/plugins are you using? /give is the only command in that list that actually exists and has the correct command written for vanilla. Some of the others eg: /spawnentity exist but don't have the correct name for the command, rendering them completely useless, in this case you are looking for /summon.
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