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by StickDemon » 11/29/2012

Heya guyz! It's me, StickDemon. I'm hoping to find someone who knows...
A.) A good Gullivers Mod 1.4.5 server
B.) how to make and mod servers
That's about it! Thanks guys!
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by Aemskey » 12/3/2012

Making a Gulliver server would be as easy as installing mod loader and gulliver normally, just on a server jar. I don't know much about hosting it beyond Hamachi, however.
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by Hamster30 » 12/9/2012

Srry My Server Is Not Gulliver Mod Anymore D:
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by Venomshredder » 1/18/2013

:?: :idea: :arrow: :geek:
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