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by shooter9898 » 8/14/2013

Welcome to Nexus Minecraft

Nexus Minecraft is a survival server developing new plugins to make the server better then ever. We have many fun activities like spleef, golf, gambling and much more.

What we Offer

- Golf
- Mob Arenas
- Shooting Ranges
- Casinos
- 24/7
- Rollback System
- Anti Hack
- Free Build
- Friendly Staff
- Economy
- Survival


1. No Griefing or Raiding
2. No Hacks of any kind
3. Be Ethical
4. No Racism or Prejudice
5. Keep Profanity to a low level
6. No Spamming
7. No Skin Nudity
8. Don't Ask for Ranks or Items


Nexus Craft Minecraft is in need of staff. We are looking for about 2--3 more Moderators and 1 Chat-Mod. If you are interested please apply on our website forums. http://nexus--minecraft.enjin.com
We ask that you please follow all the guidelines to writing your application and please make it presentable to us, as it were a business application.

Note: We DO NOT need Admins, so please do not say you are applying for one. Thank you! Also, if you would like to apply for staff, your chances are MUCH greater of being accepted, if you actually play, not come on every hour to see if you made it. Thanks!

Final Statements

We thank you for choosing our server and hope you come and join us. If you do we do ask two things of you..."please read the info books and please follow the rules!'
Thank you for reading, and see you soon!

Our Staff:



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