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by AmandaLulz » 9/17/2013

Raidcore Survival
"Where raiding meets hardcore"

Raidcore - A brand new factions server. As resurrected from it's former self, Raidcore is a simple, yet hardcore server meant to give a different experience to whoever ventures to it! Raidcore offers:

- Factions (Older Version)
- Nuclear missiles for enhanced combat.
- Mob Cash
- Voting
- Donating
- Zombies with 3x health and 6x spawning rate!
- Drugs (Coming soon/tbd)

What else could you want? With the server being fresh, bugs may exist. If you stumble across one, please report it!

Our Economy is based on real life, offering more challenging methods of making money. Players are given a kit and $150 on join.


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