[1.7.2][1.6.4] Zelda Sword Skills [plus Items, Dungeons, Mobs and Adventure!]

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Level 55 : Grandmaster Modder
Prepare yourself for THE ultimate Zelda mod for Minecraft! Including nearly every Zelda item, fully functional just like in the games, sword  skills such as Link's Spin Attack, mobs, dungeons, several quests, and more. If you ever enjoyed a Zelda game, then you will certainly love this mod.

If you just want to spice up vanilla combat without all the extra items, mobs, and dungeons, check out the skills-only standalone module Dynamic Sword Skills!

WARNING: Updating to 1.6.4 v0.7.3 or 1.7.2 v0.1.3 will cause Gorons to disappear from previous world saves (as well as Keese, Chuchus, Fairies,and Octoroks, but those all respawn). This seems to be the result of switching to custom spawn eggs and removing the global entity ID, which is necessary to avoid crashes and conflicts using the vanilla system with lots of mobs. If you have found a village with some Gorons, sorry. Use the spawn egg to spawn some more, and everything will be back to normal.

ALWAYS make a back up of your world save before installing ANY update, be it a mod or vanilla Minecraft.

Zelda Sword Skills was tested and made for Minecraft 1.6.4 using Forge 1.6.4- . Please do not post bug reports if you are using a different version of either Minecraft or Forge from those stated above.

  1. Install the required version of Forge (965)
  2. Download the 1.6.4 version of the mod from Adf.ly or direct

  3. Start and stop Minecraft to test to make sure Forge is working
  4. Put the mod zip file in your .minecraft/mods folder
  5. Load up Minecraft and play! (BACK UP your world first!!!)
There is a beta version available for Minecraft 1.7.2 using Forge 1.7.2- or higher. To install the 1.7.2 version:

  1. Install the required version of Forge 1.7.2- or higher
  2. Start and stop Minecraft to test to make sure Forge is working
  3. Download the 1.7.2 version of the mod from Adf.ly or direct

  4. Put the mod jar file in your .minecraft/mods folder
  5. Load up Minecraft and play! (BACK UP your world first!!!)
NOTE: For the latest updates, full mod description and changelog, visit my main mod page.


Press x while looking at a target to lock on; once locked on, you will be able to use a variety of skills as you learn them using the arrow keys. RCtrl blocks, tab switches targets. Some skills only require the key to be tapped; other skills require the key to be held down for some time to charge up, and still other skills have even more unique activation methods. You may also continue to use WASD + mouse controls to activate any of the skills, if you find that more comfortable.

Skills are learned from orbs that drop rarely from mobs - some mobs have a higher rate of dropping a certain type of skill orb, so be on the lookout for them! Each skill can gain multiple levels, each level increasing your damage, range, or some other factor. Some mobs drop heart orbs as well. Looting enchantments will greatly increase your chances of finding orbs and hearts.

After you have learned the first level of the skill from an orb, if you get a second orb you will be able to see information about the skill in the tooltip that will give you hints on how to activate it, if you had not figured it out already or cheated by looking at the content spoilers.

Be warned that each skill takes a lot of energy to use, and if you use your skills frequently you will quickly find yourself very very hungry. Be sure to have lots of food handy!

F.A.Q. - Please read me before asking questions!
Q: Help, your mod crashed my game!
A: Oops! First, READ the mod description carefully, and then answer the following questions:

1. Did you install the correct version of the mod?
2. Did you install the correct version of Forge?
3. Did you install the correct versions of OTHER mods?

If you can answer YES to all three questions, then please kindly post your full crash report inside of [ spoiler ] tags, along with a detailed description of what you were doing when the game crashed. The more information you can give me, the more likely I will be able to fix your problem.

Q: Your mod crashes with Battlegear2!!!
A: No, it doesn't - you forgot to install the correct versions of both mods. Please read the description.

Q: Can you please add { insert your favorite Zelda Item here } ?
A: Maybe. If there is already an item in the mod / vanilla Minecraft that has the same function, then no, I will not add it. If, on the other hand, the item has a unique functionality or something else that really sets it apart, then I will consider adding it.

Examples of items that will NOT get added:
- Pretty much every Zelda Sword not already added; why not? Equivalent swords have already been added: Oshu's sword is just one of many basic swords that Link typically starts with or acquires early on; many of the better swords are just slight variations on the Master Sword, etc.
- Shields: There are really only three shield types that appear in the Zelda games, and I have already added one of each type.
- Fairy Bow: Each Zelda game only has one bow, and they always do the same thing. I have already added the Hero's Bow, but you can easily rename it to “Fairy Bow” or whatever if you prefer.

Examples of items that MIGHT get added, but are not high priority:
- Wallet: Holds emeralds, but you can already stack emeralds to 64 or craft them into blocks for even more compact storage; still, it is a classic Zelda item, so may be added eventually just because.
- Collectible items, such as various the Treasures or items only involved in trading sequences
- Whip / Grapple: These do basically the same thing as the Hookshot, though being able to swing may be different enough to get one of these added eventually.

Examples of items that are GOOD candidates for addition:
- Magic Rods: nothing really like them currently in the mod or vanilla Minecraft, plus there are several interesting variations (Fire, Ice, etc.)
- Ocarina / any other musical instrument: I will probably only add one kind, but this is an excellent candidate item to add, with unique and interesting properties
- Lens of Truth: has a unique function that would be especially useful in Minecraft

Q: Will you ever add more elaborate dungeons?
A: No. I encourage people to use the mod in Adventure Maps, however, where it is quite feasible to replicate not only the form of Zelda dungeons, but also to add the many intricate puzzles and quests that should accompany each dungeon.

Q: But you can just use schematics to add dungeons, will you do that?
A: No. Unless playing an Adventure Map, I prefer the dungeons to be slightly randomized to better fit the randomness of the Minecraft world; schematics cannot be randomized when added without converting them to Java, which can add tens of thousands of lines of code that I would rather not deal with, plus I just do not like working with schematics in general.

Q: What about adding dimensions?
A: Sorry, I do not have any plans at this time to add new dimensions.

Q: BOSSES!!! When will you be adding proper Zelda bosses?!?!?!
A: I'm not sure, but if I had a proper boss model available, it might give me some incentive to start working on one sooner rather than later.

Q: Your textures suck, can you make better ones?
A: Sorry, I'm not an artist. If you can do better, please submit your textures via private message and I will consider replacing the current texture with yours, but only if yours are good ;P

Q: My bombs are not blowing up the secret rooms, what is going on?!?!
A: Congratulations, you have found a secret room that requires a special item to enter! Excavate around the secret room until you find either a pair of Barrier Blocks or some kind of Peg, then use the appropriate item to open it up so you can get that treasure chest!

Q: My question was not answered here, now what?
A: Be sure to also check the “Secrets and Spoilers” section if your question is related to finding something in the game; otherwise, post your question below and I will do my best to answer.

Basic Sword Technique
Activation: Default key is X; must be looking at a target and holding a sword
Effect: Locks view on to target, can no longer use mouse to free look
Exhaustion: None
Notes: While locked on to a target,
- Tab changes to the next target
- Rctrl blocks (or RMB in vanilla mode)
- Up arrow performs a basic attack (or LMB in vanilla mode)
- deactivate by pressing X once more, by switching to a non-sword item, or by killing everything
- Each attack contributes to your current Combo; as the Combo gets bigger, so does your damage!

Armor Break
Activation: Hold attack (up arrow or LMB in vanilla mode); will trigger when the charge is sufficient
Effect: This powerful blow ignores target's armor value when inflicting damage
Exhaustion: High (2.0 minus 0.1 per level)
Damage: Same as a normal attack, including enchantment bonuses, but ignoring the target's armor
Charge Time: 20 ticks minus one tick per level
Notes: Wielding a Master Sword decreases the charge time by another 5 ticks

Dash Attack

Activation: Attack while blocking with a sword
Effect: Charges towards target, inflicting minor damage and knocking the target back
Exhaustion: Moderate (1.0 minus 0.1 per level)
Damage: 4 + level
- Standing too close to the target will not build up enough momentum to cause any damage
- Footwear can be an important factor when using this skill

Activation: Tap left or right arrow key (or movement key in vanilla mode); can be configured to require double-tap
Effect: Quickly dodge out of the way of incoming attacks
Exhaustion: Very Low (0.05)
Chance to Dodge: 10% per level plus a time bonus of up to 20%
- The amount of time during which the player is considered 'dodging' increases with skill level
- Footwear can be an important factor when using this skill

Ending Blow
Activation: Forward, forward, and attack during combo
Effect: Build up combo momentum and then finish off your enemy with a decisive strike, gaining bonus xp if successful or becoming flat-footed if not
Damage: +(level * 20) percent
Duration of vulnerability: 45 - (level * 5) ticks
Exhaustion: High (2.0 minus 0.1 per level)
XP Bonus: level + (value between 1 and the opponent's last remaining health)
- May only be used after two or more consecutive strikes on the same target
- Slaying an opponent with this move grants additional experience
- Failure to slay the target results in a -50% defense penalty for the duration

Leaping Blow
Activation: Hold block and then jump (vanilla RMB then 'space', mod controls RCtrl then 'space')
Upon landing, unleashes a devastating AoE attack that damages all in
its path in addition to temporarily causing weakness
Exhaustion: High (2.0 minus 0.1 per level)
Damage: Base sword damage, plus 1 per level, plus weakness for (50 + (10 * level)) ticks
- Range and area of effect increase with level.
- Damage caused by Leaping Blow contributes only to Combo damage, not size.
- Wielding a Master Sword at full health doubles the bonus damage and weakness duration

Activation: Double-tap back / down
Effect: Parries an incoming blow when being attacked; cannot parry unarmed attacks.
Exhaustion: Low (0.3 minus 0.02 per level)
Chance to Disarm: 10% per level plus a timing bonus of up to 20%
- Successfully parrying an attack will knock the aggressor back slightly, even if not disarmed
- For players of equal parry skill, chance to disarm is determined solely by timing
- Can be configured to activate with a single tap only when using the arrow keys

Mortal Draw
Activation: While empty-handed and locked on, hold the block key and attack
Effect: The art of drawing the sword, or Battoujutsu, is a risky but deadly move, capable of inflicting mortal wounds on unsuspecting
opponents with a lightning-fast blade strike
Exhaustion: Very High (3.0 minus 0.2 per level)
Damage: Inflicts double damage when successful
Duration: Window of attack opportunity is (level + 2) ticks
- Only works as a counterattack, so it must be timed according to your opponent's strike
- The first sword found in the action bar will be used for the strike; plan accordingly
- There is a 1.5s cooldown between uses, representing re-sheathing of the sword

Rising Cut
Activation: Jump while sneaking and attack
Effect: Rising slash flings enemy upward, inflicting standard sword damage, providing the opportunity for a second strike, and likely inflicting fall damage as well
Range: 2 + level blocks
Exhaustion: Very High (3.0 minus 0.2 per level)
Special: May only be used while locked on to a target

Spin Attack
Activation: Hold left or right arrow key to charge up until spin attack commences
Mode: Begin moving either left or right, then press the other direction
to commence charging; both keys must be held to continue charging
Effect: Link's signature move – hit every enemy as you spin 360 degrees!
Range: Hits enemies within 3 blocks, plus 0.5 blocks per level
Exhaustion: Very High (3.0 minus 0.2 per level)

Super Spin Attack
Activation: Automatic while performing a regular Spin Attack and at full health quickly tap to continue spinning
Effect: Same as the regular spin attack, but you can spin up to one extra time per level
Range: Hits enemies within 6 blocks, plus 0.5 blocks per level
Exhaustion: Same as the spin attack, applied each spin
Notes: This skill orb is only received under certain secret conditions. Check content spoilers below to ruin the fun.

Sword Beam
Activation: Attack while sneaking to unleash a beam of energy; must have nearly full health
Effect: Shoots a beam of energy capable of damaging one or possibly more targets
Damage: 30 + (level * 10) percent of the base sword damage (without other bonuses)
Exhaustion: High (2.0 minus 0.1 per level)
Range: Approximately 12 blocks plus one per level
Special: Link can use Sword Beam while missing up to 0.3 hearts per level (1.5 hearts at level 5)
- Unlike many sword skills, hitting a target with the beam counts as a direct strike for combos
- While wielding a Master Sword, the beam is able to travel through and damage multiple targets
- Each additional target receives 20% less damage than the previous

Sword Break
Activation: Double-tap back while blocking
Effect: A fierce block that is capable of destroying the opponent's blade
Exhaustion: High (2.0 minus 0.1 per level)
Damage: Up to 90 durability damage to the opponent's held item (15 * (level + 1))
Duration: Time allowed before skill fails is 2 ticks at level 1, up to 8 ticks at max level
- Only works when being attacked by an enemy holding an item
- Has no effect other than blocking the attack if the attacker's held item can not be damaged
- Must release the block key in between uses

All of the items below have a stack size of one and are not damaged by use, unless otherwise noted. Similarly, with the major exception of swords, left-clicking with any of these items will not inflict damage (unless it is a sword!!!), and is instead a useful way of interacting with villagers. Some of them will even offer to buy your unwanted stuff! Salable items are indicated with $.

Be sure to make friends with the villager first by trading frequently, or they probably won't have anything for you. Certain types of villagers are also known to react to only certain kinds of items.

There are many swords that will become available throughout Link's adventures. As each one becomes available, it will be listed here with the total attack damage in parentheses.

[breakable] indicates a sword which, when it breaks, returns a broken sword hilt that can be repaired by any blacksmith. Note that any enchantments will be lost when the sword is broken.

[master] indicates a type of master sword; these can neither be broken, nor can they be enchanted, but using a master sword sometimes provides additional benefits.

Kokiri Sword (+5) [breakable]
The default sword available from the beginning. Though made from iron, it has a rather dull blade. Many blacksmiths will sell this sword for fairly cheap.

Ordon Sword (+7) [breakable]
This is a fine blade made of sturdy steel. While most blacksmiths can repair a broken one, they do not seem able to craft one from scratch.

Giant's Knife (+12) [breakable]
A huge blade in the hands of Link, this is but a small knife in the hands of a Goron. Despite the amazing attack power, this blade is extremely  fragile, so best to aim carefully.

Biggoron's Sword (+12)
A much more finely-crafted blade than the one by Medigoron, this sword is completely unbreakable while still retaining the ability to become enchanted, making it one of the most powerful swords available. It will take quite a lot of work to convince the owner to part ways with such a weapon.

Master Sword (+9) [master]
The legendary blade crafted by the goddess Hylia, this sword will only allow a true hero to wield it. A hero can prove his or her worth by gathering all three Pendants of Virtue and placing them into the pedestal, thereby vowing to embark on a quest to vanquish evil in the land.

Tempered Master Sword (+11) [master]
Using remnants of the Master Ore, a skilled blacksmith is able to temper and hone the edge of the Master Sword, making it more powerful.

Golden Master Sword (+13) [master]
Only a hero who has truly proven his or her worth by vanquishing the hordes of evil will be able to receive the Great Fairy's blessing, further improving the Master Sword.

True Master Sword (+15) [master]
The final version of the Master Sword requires bathing the blade in all three of the Sacred Flames, then placing it back in a sword pedestal to unleash the full power of the Triforce.

A hero would not be complete without a trusty shield, capable both of blocking attacks and bashing enemies away. With Battlegear2 installed, shields can even be wielded in the off hand, allowing for a much more effective fighting style, but the shields are still useful even if held in the main hand.

Deku Shield
Crafted from the bark of the Great Deku Tree, this shield is highly susceptible to fire but otherwise effective against most typical attacks. As the only breakable shield, it is also the most common, often found as loot and purchasable from blacksmiths. Due to its wooden nature, arrows often stick in the Deku shield, making it a risky but useful method of obtaining arrows when other sources are scarce. (Note that arrow-catching requires Battlegear2)

Hylian Shield
Standard equipment for any Knight of Hyrule, this shield provides an impregnable barrier against most attacks and itself is impervious to damage. It also is the most ergonomic of the shields, having the smallest effect on stamina and quickest recovery time.

Mirror Shield
While often considered the most powerful of the shields, the mirror shield is not actually as effective in pure melee combat as the Hylian shield; however, it is imbued with powerful magic that reflects many types of ranged attacks back at the enemy, making it extremely coveted by adventurers.

The iconic clothing worn by the Hero of Time is not only stylish and comfortable, but affords decent protection (all are equivalent to chainmail). Only the green clothes are a full set, but other tunics may be found with additional benefits.

Kokiri Clothing Set
- Standard green clothes worn by Link
- Repair with any color wool
- Can be found in locked chests as well as purchased from villagers (farmers and butchers)

Goron Tunic
- This special tunic is made from lava-dwelling Dodongos, granting fire resistance
- The tunic takes damage from fire or lava in place of the player, so it may wear out quickly
- Dodongo scales need to be polished to maintain their fire-resistant sheen; magma cream is perfect
- Found exclusively in Lava Dungeons

Zora Tunic
- A rare tunic of the Zora tribe that allows the wearer to breathe underwater
- Durability wears out slowly while in the water; patch it up with any color wool
- Found exclusively in Ocean Dungeons

Goron and Zora Hat / Trousers
- Found in lava / ocean locked chests or crafted from a Kokiri piece plus an appropriate dye
- These have no special abilities other than looking cool with the Goron or Zora Tunic

This is the ultimate bow for any hero, capable of shooting a wide variety of special arrows. Not all arrows will be available for use with the Level 1 bow, so best figure out how to upgrade it!

Automatic Bomb Arrows (and quicker Bomb Arrow Crafting)
While sneaking and using the Hero's Bow, so long as the vanilla arrow is the first arrow encountered, the bow will search for either a bomb arrow, a bomb, or a bomb bag, using the first one encountered as the arrow to nock. In the case of bombs and bomb bags, this process will consume a single bomb and a single vanilla arrow, adding a new bomb arrow of the appropriate type to your inventory.

This can be taken advantage of as a quick way to craft by placing the bow in the first action bar slot with a stack of arrows right next to it, then holding the right mouse button while sneaking and toggling back and forth between the bow and vanilla arrow using the mouse wheel. Sure beats crafting them one at a time.

Note that this feature can be disabled in the config.

Many arrows will become available to Link during his adventures, only some of which are craftable. See the spoiler for full details of each arrow.

Magical arrows require at least a Level 2 Bow to use, and the Light Arrow requires Level 3. None of these arrows can be crafted, so use them wisely. These arrows may not be used when affected by Naryu's Love.

Bomb Arrows
Just what one would think, an arrow tipped with any kind of bomb causes an explosion on impact. Bomb arrows can be fired by the default Level 1 Bow and have the same characteristics as the bomb used to craft them. Due to their explosive nature, they cannot be recovered once fired.

Fire Arrow
The fire arrow is classic, setting most blocks and enemies near the point of impact ablaze, as well as melting even the coldest of ice (this feature may be disabled in the config).

Ice Arrow
A very useful arrow, this can extinguish even the hottest fires, even in the Nether. Any enemy struck by this arrow will be frozen in place, unable to move or attack, though some enemies may be able to do other things. Particularly effective against fire-based enemies.

Light Arrow
This is certainly the most powerful arrow, able to slay many enemies in a single hit, as well as being the only arrow capable of striking Endermen. Infused with holy energy, it is particulary effective against undead and evil creatures. It is also capable of traveling through solid materials (this feature may be disabled in the config), allowing the hero to strike enemies or activate buttons through walls.

Link will find various boots throughout his journey, each with specific helpful qualities. As more boots are discovered, they will be described here.

Heavy Boots
These boots are extremely heavy, making normal movement difficult – do not expect to use any skills that rely on movement! They are useful, however, for moving in liquids or for standing your ground in the face of an explosion... Made of sturdy iron, the boots themselves are totally impervious to any type of damage, but neither can they be enchanted.

Hover Boots
Mysterious boots that allow Link to dash across chasms, ice, slow sand, and other obstacles unimpeded.

Pegasus Boots
These fine boots give the gift of speed, allowing Link to run faster and even jump a little farther, as well as granting bonuses to Dash and Dodge. Used in conjunction with the Roc's Feather, Link will be able to jump very far indeed. Like the Heavy Boots, these can neither be enchanted nor damaged.

Rubber Boots
Wearing these greatly lowers Link's conductivity, reducing all shock damage by half.

Bombs are found throughout the land and are very dangerous. Holding one in your hand will activate it, and it should be thrown (right-click) quickly to avoid damage. Showing villagers your ticking bomb (left-click) may open up trades, or may simply cause them to fear for their lives.

Standard Bomb
This is the standard bomb, useful for blowing holes in otherwise impenetrable obstacles. Should one come into contact with water, it will not detonate and can be retrieved for later use. Likewise, these bombs will immediately explode if they come into contact with lava, fire, or extremely hot conditions.

Water Bomb
Water bombs have a slightly smaller blast radius than the standard bomb, but continue to function normally underwater. On the other hand, they become inert when in contact with any type of flame or other hot conditions.

There is a secret trade that can be unlocked to trade regular bombs for water bombs. See spoilers below for details.

Fire Bomb
Fire Bombs are very useful, fearing neither fire nor lava. These are the only bombs that function normally in the Nether, yet they can also be used just like regular bombs in the Overworld. Like water bombs, fire bombs may also be traded for under the right conditions.

These handy bags can be found in secret chests as well as purchased from friendly priests. The standard bag can hold 10 bombs and can be combined with other bags (by right-clicking while sneaking) to increase the capacity up to a maximum of 50. While held, any bombs in your inventory will automatically move to the bag, and any bombs picked up will go into a bomb bag if it is anywhere in your inventory.

If carrying fire or water bombs, capacity is halved. Empty out a bag to store a different kind of bomb.

Press the b key to swap your current item with a bomb from your bomb bag at any time, but be sure to pick your item back up if it falls to the ground!

One of the most diverse weapon-tools in Link's arsenal, the boomerang temporarily stuns enemies in addition to causing some damage, can snag far-away items, and is the only projectile capable of activating all kinds of buttons and levers. The boomerang is also a handy way to cut all sorts of plants such as grass and vines, and also breaks ceramic jars.

Once upgraded to the Magic Boomerang, it flies twice as far, inflicts more damage, and can retrieve any number of items.

See the spoilers below for how to upgrade the boomerang.

Drops from Chus in four different colors. Bring as many as you can to the Doc (any librarian villager) to open up special potion trades depending on the jelly type.

The leaf of the Great Deku Tree has many uses, from creating a powerful gust of wind that blows away everything in its path to gliding great distances. Using these abilities requires high stamina, however, and can tire Link out quickly if used recklessly.

Obtained by right-clicking on a fairy with an empty bottle, when used these will completely restore the health bar. If there is a fairy bottle in an action bar slot when the health bar reaches zero, the fairy will automatically lend her aid, restoring a full 5 hearts.

Note that if the bottle is deep within Link's backpack, the fairy will be unable to come to his aid.

To release the fairy, right-click while sneaking. If released near a fairy pool, the fairy will make itself at home; otherwise, it will wander off as it pleases until it fades in the dawn.

Both the Silver and Golden gauntlets grant massive strength when held (not worn), allowing the wielder to pick up nearly any solid block by right-clicking. Blocks picked up in this manner are actually heavy. They can be placed as normal, and will drop automatically if no longer held.

Both an important tool and a powerful weapon, the hammer is not to be taken lightly. Each blow is crushing, with half the damage ignoring armor completely, though they cannot be swung quickly.

The weakest hammer is capable only of pounding in wooden pegs, though it is still a decent weapon.

Skull Hammer
A medium-weight hammer capable of pounding in rusty pegs as well as crushing most blocks, the skull hammer also is the only hammer with a special attack. Charge up with the right mouse button to unleash a ground-shaking smash, stunning and damaging anything nearby.

Megaton Hammer
This beast can smash pretty much everything to smithereens, as well as inflicting high damage.

Pieces of heart can be found in most dungeons; collecting and crafting four of them will yield a Heart Container which, when used, grants a Link a full and permanent extra heart. Spare or otherwise unwanted heart pieces or containers may be sold.

Small hearts drop occasionally from grass; these only heal 1/2 heart when walked over, and cannot be gathered or stored for later use.

The hookshot can latch on to various blocks blocks, allowing Link to travel across chasms and the like. Hold right-click to reel yourself in, and sneak to rappel down. A variety of upgrades can be found throughout the land, each one adding a new kind of ability.

The most basic hookshot has a range of 8 blocks and is only able to hook wooden objects. It can be improved with various upgrades.

Upon acquiring the Stone Claw, Link can upgrade his wooden hookshot to a Stoneshot. This allows Link to hook objects made of stone, but is much too powerful for anything made of wood.

The Multishot can be acquired by upgrading the Stoneshot with a Multi component. This makes the shot much more versatile, able to hook on to a wide variety of materials.

The Extender upgrade can be applied to any type of hookshot, doubling its effective range.

Special Notes
To use an upgrade component, you must first have the previous hookshot version and find a friendly villager to help you assemble it. This is done by left-clicking on a villager while holding the upgrade component desired.

When Link is wearing Heavy Boots and using any version of the Hookshot, he is able to pull living entities to him; otherwise the entity will simply take a small amount of damage when struck.

During his adventures, Link will come across keys of various types. These will surely be useful.

Small Key
The most common key, these can be used to open any locked chest.

Big Key
Also known as a Boss Key, each key can only be found in the same locale as the matching Boss Dungeon, and only in a locked chest. A Big Key is only able to open a door of matching color.

Skeleton Key
Ah, the Skeleton Key. This can open any number of locked chests, as well as any Boss Door. Note that using it to open a Boss Door will destroy the Skeleton Key, so use it wisely.

This incredible mirror helps Link find his way home even when lost in the darkest of dungeons. Gaze into it (hold right-click) until it shines brightly, returning you to the last place at which you were under open sky. Each use will take its toll on the mirror, however, and it will eventually break.

A variety of magical rods are available throughout Link's adventures. Each rod has two abilities: the first is a continuous effect activated while the rod is in use - note that exhaustion will be added each tick; the second is activated by using the item while sneaking, shooting a single projectile per use.

All magic rods can be upgraded and can only be found in specific boss dungeons. See the spoilers section for details.

Fire Rod
Ability 1: Shoots a stream of flames that can melt ice, start fires and incinerate enemies; damage and range are proportional to the time in use.
Ability 2: Shoots a deadly fireball; the fireball's damage and effect radius are noted in the item tooltip.
Upgrade: Improves the damage and range of both effects.

Ice Rod
Ability 1: Shoots a stream of ice crystals that can freeze water, solidify lava, extinguish flames, and slow enemies; damage and range are proportional to the time in use.
Ability 2: Shoots an icy blast capable of encasing enemies in ice; the ice blast's damage and effect radius are noted in the item tooltip.
Upgrade: Improves the damage and range of both effects.

Tornado Rod
Ability 1: Propel yourself to the sky with the power of wind, but take care coming down! Grants a slight fall damage buffer, lessening the impact of mishaps caused by the fickle nature of wind.
Ability 2: Shoots a powerful tornado capable of damaging enemies.
Upgrade: Doubles the fall damage buffer and increases tornado damage.

A wide variety of masks appear throughout the land, but most of them are only available after helping the Happy Mask Salesman sell all of his masks. Speaking with villagers while wearing a mask will elicit different reactions depending on the villager and the mask worn.

See the spoilers section for details on how to get started on the Mask Trading Sequence.

Blast Mask: Found as treasure, this mask is a blast! Press b for a good time.
Bunny Hood: Part of the mask trading sequence; increases your speed, jump, and agility
Couple's Mask: Part of the mask trading sequence; a sure way to make villagers frisky
Gerudo Mask: Can be borrowed from the Happy Mask Salesman; wear it to look like a Gerudo girl
Giant's Mask: Found as treasure, turns you into a Giant (other players will not see any change in size)
Gibdo Mask: Found as treasure (currently no use)
Hawkeye: Found as treasure; grants exceptionally keen sight and uncanny accuracy
Keaton Mask: Part of the mask trading sequence (currently no use)
Mask of Scents: Part of the mask trading sequence; dig around in the dirt to find mushrooms
Mask of Truth: Reward for completing the mask trading sequence; increases chance of skill orb drops
Skull Mask: Part of the mask trading sequence; makes you look tough
Spooky Mask: Part of the mask trading sequence; blend in with the spooky folks
Stone Mask: Found as treasure; become plain as stone (i.e. invisible)
Deku Mask: Can be borrowed from the Happy Mask Salesman (currently no use)
Goron Mask: Can be borrowed from the Happy Mask Salesman (currently no use)
Zora Mask: Can be borrowed from the Happy Mask Salesman (currently no use)
Fierce Deity's Mask: Can be borrowed from the Happy Mask Salesman (currently no use)
Majora's Mask: An evil mask granting the wearer immense power, but at a price.

Pieces of the sacred ore used to forge the Master Sword, these are found by only the most fortunate of miners, and only while mining iron.

Obtaining all three Pendants of Virtue proves the Hero worthy of wielding the Master Sword.

The Pendant of Courage is green, found in the deserts of the far Eastern Lands.
The Pendant of Power is red, found on Death Mountain.
The Pendant of Wisdom is blue, like the waters of the Lake Hylia in which it resides.

A rare drop from mobs, this will immediately grant a huge powerup, doubling your damage output and providing complete immunity to stun effects. Like small hearts, it cannot be picked up and put in inventory.

A magic feather from the fabled Roc, when held it provides a significant boost to jump as well as slowing the rate at which Link falls. Combined with the Pegasus Boots, Link is able to jump over four blocks high when sprinting.

Skill orbs can be found by battling enemies throughout the land, each one granting the next level for one of the above sword skills. Learning a skill consumes the orb in the process, but orbs may be stacked for easy portability. The Looting enchantment has a significant effect on the rate of orb drops, as does finding the correct type of enemy.

More of a toy than a weapon, the Slingshot nevertheless has its uses. It can shoot any kind of seed, inflicting minor damage to mobs as well as being capable of activating wooden buttons. More powerful versions of the slingshot are capable of firing multiple seed fragments per shot.

Seeds are consumed based on inventory position (starting in the action bar), with those found first being used first. Some seeds have secondary effects, such as knocking the target back or inducing combustion.

See the spoilers section for specific seed effects as well as how to upgrade the slingshot.

Once found, a spirit crystal may be used by left-clicking on any of the Sacred Flames to absorb the spirit within, allowing Link to use a variety of impressive magical spells. Each use consumes some of the spirit's energy, leaving an empty spirit crystal when fully consumed. When running low on energy, they may be recharged at the appropriate Sacred Flame, or changed to another type after fully drained.

See the spoilers section below for the spell descriptions.

The classic Zelda potions finally make their appearance; red and green potions are frequently found in jars and chests, while the rare blue potion is found only occasionally in locked chests. These may be purchased from the Doc (librarian villager) after bringing him enough of the associated Chu Jelly.

Red potions restore 10 full hearts.
Green potions completely replenish the hunger bar.
Blue potions both replenish the hunger bar and heal 20 full hearts.
Yellow potions provide immunity to shock damage for 5 minutes.

Various treasures will be found along the way, none of which have any real effect, but may yet be useful. Maybe. Some may be sold, others may be traded for unique items. See the spoilers section below for all the details about treasure.

Barrier blocks cannot be destroyed or moved by any normal means, making them ideal for restricting access. They can be picked up by right-clicking on them with an appropriately powerful pair of Gauntlets, and the Megaton Hammer is capable of destroying barrier blocks, although one must also have the Golden Gauntlets in the inventory in order to destroy Heavy Barriers.

Ceramic Jars

Jars can be found all over the place and often yield an item when smashed. Right-click with an empty hand to pick one up, and right-click again to throw it. Right-clicking on a tile while sneaking will place the jar back down. They can also be broken by sword, arrow, hookshot, or explosion.

Any item dropped near a jar may be sucked into the jar, and breaking the jar is the only way to retrieve it. Empty jars have a chance to drop some random item, such as an arrow or rupee.

Dungeon Core (Fairy Spawner)

This block comes in two versions: one can be mined using normal tools such as a pickaxe, and the other is completely unbreakable. Both versions act as fairy spawners when placed, but do not currently provide any of the other functionality associated with the Zelda dungeons. In the same manner as Dungeon Stone, this block is able to assume different block textures by right-clicking on any simple cubic block while sneaking.

Dungeon Stone
Dungeon Stone is exactly like Secret Stone in all respects, except it has the additional ability to assume any cubic block texture simply by right-clicking on a block while sneaking. Whatever texture is assumed, that is the block that will drop should the Dungeon Stone be destroyed.

Do note that the block uses a tile entity to provide the texture, so restraint should be used in the quantity of Dungeon Stone blocks placed; too many will create significant lag when loading chunks, just like any other tile entity providing block.

Locked Chests
These chests can only be opened with a Small Key; once unlocked, they may be broken normally.

Locked Doors

Otherwise known as Boss or Dungeon Doors, these can only be removed by activating them with the appropriate key.

Wooden and Rusty Pegs
Another obstacle convenient for blocking off areas, pegs must be hammered into the ground with an appropriately powerful hammer, and can even be destroyed if the hammer is strong enough. If not destroyed, pegs will pop back up over time and must be hammered down again in order to pass.

Sacred Flames

There are three sacred flames: Din, Farore, and Naryu. These blocks cannot be removed normally; instead, the player must swing a Golden Sword through the flames, absorbing them into the blade. Each flame is located in a different Boss Dungeon - find them yourself or check the content spoilers below.

Secret Stone

While Secret Stone appears to be a standard block, it can not be broken with normal tools and is the main building block of all secret rooms and boss dungeons. The standard version can be destroyed using any explosive, but the boss version can not be destroyed by any means. Typically, gaining entry to a boss dungeon will revert the unbreakable blocks back to normal stone.

Sword Pedestal

These blocks can contain any one sword at a time, though they require that the three Pendants of Virtue be ensconced within in order to remove the blade. When home to the Master Sword, sword pedestals put out a constant redstone signal. Left-clicking on the block will rotate the sword 90 degrees.

Fairies are magical flying creatures with incredible healing powers. Just touching one will partially heal Link, and they can be captured in empty bottles by right-clicking on them with a bottle in hand, storing their powers for later.

Fairies only spawn in swamps at night, but may rarely spawn during the day in secret fairy pools. These pools are very precious, as the fairies make it their home and never stray far, making them perfect for healing up in a time of need or as a renewable source of fairy bottles.

One of the friendly races, Gorons are typically willing to trade a variety of goods and may be found mingling amongst regular villagers. Their large size, tough skin, and hardy nature are a welcome asset to any village, helping to protect against the hordes of enemies. Alone, however, a single Goron can quickly become overwhelmed, and they are too large to fit in traditional dwellings, making it crucial to provide backup or some other form of assistance. An angry Goron will not hesitate to fight back, but will not pursue conflict if the opponent ceases all aggression.

The lowly chu is typically easy to deal with in a few sword swipes, but in greater numbers or large size, they can be a force to be reckoned with. Rarer chu types are known to create an electrical aura when threatened, rendering them immune to damage and causing a significant amount of damage to and stunning any foolish enough to attack at that time. See the spoiler section for complete details on their strengths and weaknesses.

'Keese are bat-like creatures common throughout the land. Weak individually, they can become a danger in swarms, especially to the unarmored.

Individual Traits
The common Keese has no real special abilities, but like all Keese is capable of evading attacks.

Fire Keese inhabit the Nether region; as such they are immune to fire and can ignite anyone they touch.

Ice Keese are native to all cold regions; they are immune to cold and their cold touch causes slowness.

Thunder Keese can appear anywhere, albeit rarely. Beware, as they often become electrified.

Dark Keese are the rarest, and their cursed touch can cause any number of ill effects.

This Zelda classic has the honor of being the first mob added. The Octorok spawns in most watery biomes and comes in two varieties: the regular purple version spits rocks, while the rarer pink version spits bombs and may occasionally drop water bombs when killed.

In order to provide yourself with the best experience possible, I highly recommend going through the configuration file that comes with this mod and changing the settings to match your preferences. The defaults are, of course, what I consider is likely to be the most generally applicable, but we all play differently, so they may very well not be to your liking.

How to Find and Edit the Configuration File
1. Install the latest version of the mod and Forge as you normally would
2. Run Minecraft using your Forge configuration with the mod installed
- this generates a new configuration file and/or adds the newest options to your old file
3. Don't start a world - simply quit
4. Open the /config folder, which should be located in the same directory as your /mods folder
- default folder for windows users is /user/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/config
5. Using any text editor such as Notepad, open the “zeldaswordskills.cfg” file
6. Edit any settings you want
7. Save, quit, and then play Minecraft with your modified mod settings!

Important Settings
Here I will try to list and explain settings that should be set PRIOR to starting a new game if you are to get the most benefit from them, as well as some other often misunderstood settings that can be changed any time but have a significant effect on the game play.

Please note that this is by no means an exhaustive list of all the settings; please read through the configuration file to see what else is available.

Affects World Generation (new world best!)
The following explanations apply to both [Nether] AND [Overworld] unless otherwise noted.

I:"Adjust secret rooms so they are more hidden [1 = less, 3 = most]"=2
Determines how much of a secret room is allowed to be revealed to the surface should a room generate near the surface. 1 allows for quite a bit to show, 3 allows for only one or two blocks.

I:"Secret room generation attempts per chunk (0 to disable) [0-20]"=12
The number of secret rooms that attempt to generate per chunk; note that some will not generate due to randomness (see the next setting), and others will fail due to unsuitable terrain or proximity to other secret rooms (see the setting after next).

I:"Chance (as a percent) per iteration of secret room generating [1-100]"=80
Makes the number of secret rooms per chunk more or less random, with a lower chance of generation resulting in more randomness. A setting of 100 means that every single secret room will attempt to generate, though some will still fail for the reasons noted above.

I:"Minimum number of blocks between land-based secret rooms [2-16]"=6
A higher setting results in fewer secret rooms overall, with more space between each, whereas a lower setting allows rooms to pack more closely together and thus succeed at generating more often.

I:"[Overworld] Minimum number of blocks between ocean-based secret rooms [2-32]"=6
Same as above, but specifically for secret rooms that generate along the ocean floors.

I:"Minimum number of chunks between Boss Dungeons [8-64]"=12
Same as above, but for boss dungeons with the distance measured in chunks. Larger values mean dungeons will be farther apart, though dungeons of different types may be slightly closer.

S:"[Boss Dungeon] List of biomes in which {TEMPLE NAME}Temples can generate"
A list of biome names, one per line, in which the specified boss dungeon may generate. These values are mutually exclusive, meaning that no two lists are allowed to contain the same biome. An empty list will completely prevent that boss dungeon from generating.

Settings for [Ceramic Jars] should be changed according to your style; the default values give you plenty of jars to smash.

I:"Chance (as a percent) a chest will be locked [10-50]"=33
Locked chests require small keys to open, so be mindful of both values when changing the settings.

I:"Chance that a secret room's entrance will be barred by some obstacle [1-50]"=25
Secret rooms that are barred cannot be destroyed with bombs - special items such as the Hammer or Gauntlets are required to gain entry.

I:"Weight: Key, Big [1-10]"=3
Big keys are added completely independently of other loot, but only in locked chests. Each point of weight corresponds to a 5% chance of generating (max is 50% chance per locked chest).

I:"Weight: Key, Small [1-10]"=4
Small keys are in the basic consumable loot list, so they no longer compete with other items in the locked chest category. If you increased the chance of chests being locked, you will want to increase the weight of small keys.

I:"Weight: Locked Chest Content [1-10]"=3
Affects the distribution of certain items in locked chests; higher values favor some items, such as ice arrows, at the expense of others, such as blue potions.

Affects Game-Play (change any time)
B:"Enable bonus starting equipment"=false
Set this to true at any time to receive your starting gear, but gear can only be received once per world save; changing settings after receiving gear will not have any further effect.

I:"Chance (as a percent) for specified mobs to drop a random orb [0-100]"=10
Certain mobs, when they drop an orb, will always drop the same orb, allowing for more predictable game play; however, this setting defines the chance that the mob will instead drop a randomized orb. Setting this to 100 will completely negate any association of mob to orb, and the drops will be completely random.

I:"Chance (as a percent) for random mobs to drop a random orb [0-100]"=1
For mobs that do NOT drop a specific orb, such as sheep, this setting defines the chance that they will attempt to drop an orb of some kind when killed. Setting this to 100 means that ALL mobs will always try to drop an orb, whereas setting this to 0 means only designated orb-droppers can drop orbs.

I:"Chance (in tenths of a percent) for {SKILL NAME} [0-10]"=5
When a mob determines that it should drop an orb, this is the chance that the orb will ACTUALLY drop, per individual orb. This chance is further modified by weapon looting level at 0.5% per level, and up to another 1% can be gained from a special item, resulting in a maximum chance of 3.5%, at which roughly one orb would drop per 28.5 orb-dropping mobs killed. A setting of zero simply means that looting or other gear is required for the orb to drop - it does not disable it entirely.

All bomb-related settings apply to all types of bombs (added by this mod), including bomb arrows.

I:"[Bombs] Minimum fuse time; set to 0 to disable held bomb ticks [0-128]"=56
Sick of bombs blowing up in your hands? Extend the fuse time or disable it altogether.

B:"[Bombs] Whether bombs are non-griefing, i.e. can only destroy secret stone"=false
If you find your world is getting obliterated, you may want to set this to true, which will restrict bombs to blowing up specific modded blocks only, including secret stone and ceramic jars.

Set any of these values to zero to prevent the mob from spawning naturally.

GENERAL (but spawn-related!)
I:"Boss health multiplier, as a percent increase per difficulty level [100-500]"=250
This only applies to bosses that spawn as a part of Boss Dungeons (temples).

I:"[Mobs][Keese] Chance of Keese spawning in a swarm (0 to disable)[0-100]"=25
The chance that each naturally-spawning Keese spawns in an entire swarm; additionally spawned Keese cannot spawn in further Keese.

I:"[Mobs][Keese] Maximum number of Keese that can spawn in a swarm [4-16]"=6
The maximum number of additional Keese that a single Keese can spawn when swarming.

B:"[Mob Buff] Disable all buffs (resistances and weaknesses) for vanilla mobs"=false
Set to true to disable the various resistances and weaknesses that I applied to vanilla mobs, such as slight weakness to fire and strong weakness to holy for zombies.

B:"Smelt all those disarmed pigmen swords into gold ingots"=false
If you go on a disarming rampage amongst the pigmen, fear not! Set this to true at any time to enable a smelting recipe to reclaim the gold that should by all rights be yours.

Finding Secret Rooms
Finding secret rooms depends very much on the configuration settings; default values will generate 4-6 rooms per chunk, on average. That sounds like a lot, but they can be tough to find. If you find that you simply are not finding enough secret rooms following your normal play style, I highly recommend editing the configuration file to increase the number of rooms per chunk, as well as decrease the minimum distance allowed between rooms. Starting a new world after editing the configuration settings will provide the best results.
Finding Fairy Spawners
Fairy spawners only appear in partially flooded secret rooms, though not all such rooms. The chance that a particular room will become a fairy spawner can be changed in the configuration file, and secret rooms located in hilly or mountainous biomes always have the highest chance of fairies.

Do note that a partially-flooded room with no fairies does not necessarily mean that it is not a fairy spawner; fairies spawn most frequently at night, so you may need to wait around for a little while before any fairies appear.
Finding Boss Keys
When looking for that elusive Boss-Key, there are several things to keep in mind:
1. Boss keys only appear in the same biome as the Boss Dungeon
2. This means the key for the Forest Temple will only be found in forest biome secret rooms
3. Boss keys are only found inside of locked chests, not regular chests

If you are still finding it too difficult, there are several configuration settings that play a critical role in determining how easy or difficult it is to find a boss key:
1. *Loot, Weight: Key, Big [1-10] – default is 3; set it higher for more Boss Keys
2. Loot, Chance a chest will be locked [10-50] – default is 33, set it higher for more locked chests; more locked chests means more chances for Boss Keys to spawn
3. Dungeon Generation: allowing more secret rooms to generate will greatly increase the ease with which you will find Boss Keys; for maximum secret room generation:
- Set the minimum number of blocks between rooms to the minimum value (2)
- Set the chance per iteration of generating a secret room to 100
- Set the number of secret room generation attempts per chunk to 20

* Note that setting the loot weight for the Big Key (Boss Key) is only useful if you do not max out the loot weight for every other loot category. Loot weights are all relative, meaning that if they are all 10, they all have the same chance of generating, whereas if they are all one and the Boss Key is 10, the key is much more likely to generate.
Villager Trading
To activate most of the special Zelda item trades, you first need to become "friends" with the villager. This is accomplished by trading with them until a certain number of trade options have opened up (the default is 6).

Once enough trade options are available, left-clicking on the villager while holding the Zelda Item you wish to trade will typically activate a trade; if not, the villager will let you know they are not interested.

Selling items such as spare boots or keys usually requires clicking multiple times, but can also usually be sold even to villagers with whom you have never traded before.
Getting the Master Sword
1. Find an Ocean boss dungeon to get the Pendant of Wisdom.
2. Find a Desert boss dungeon to get the Pendant of Courage.
3. Find a Mountain boss dungeon to get the Pendant of Power.
4. Take all 3 pendants to a Forest dungeon and place them in the Triforce pedestal.
Upgrading to the Tempered Sword
1. Collect 2 pieces of Master Ore
2. Left click on a friendly blacksmith with the Master Ore while a Master Sword is in your inventory
3. Give the smith your Master Sword and 2 pieces of Master Ore; he will reforge it into the Tempered Sword
Upgrading to the Golden Sword
1. Defeat 100-1000 mobs, as set in the config file, with your Tempered Sword
2. Throw the sword into a fairy pool while fairies are about to get the Golden Sword
Upgrading to the True Master Sword
1. Swing your Golden Sword (left click) through each of the 3 Sacred Flames
2. Each Sacred Flame will grant an enchantment on the Golden Sword
3. Once all 3 have been absorbed, place the Golden Sword in the Triforce Sword Pedestal to reveal the True Master Sword
Sacred Flame Locations
1. Din's Flame can be found in a Nether boss dungeon
2. Farore's Flame can be found in a Swamp boss dungeon
3. Nayru's Flame can be found in a Taiga boss dungeon
Secret Bomb Trades
Villagers named “Barnes” have a chance of offering any type of bomb when getting a new trade.
While wearing Zora armor, left-click on a priest with a regular bomb to open up the Water Bomb trade.
While wearing Goron armor, do the same as above to open up the Fire Bomb trade.
Spirit Crystal Spells
Din's Fire
By charging up briefly with right-click, unleash a devastating fire attack that will leave most foes charred to cinders. Can be used up to 16 times before needing to be recharged.

Farore's Wind
This crystal grants Link the ability to quickly travel to any previously stored location, so long as it is within the same dimension. Mark a location with a single right-click while sneaking; teleport to a stored location by holding right-click until the final sounds of Farore fade. Only one location may be stored at a time per crystal.

Nayru's Love
Using the powers of Nayru, become temporarily invulnerable to all types of damage by right-clicking once. No other magic powers or magic arrows may be used while under the effects, and the effects only wear off once the hunger bar reaches zero, so use with caution. Hunger will be consumed rapidly while this is in effect.
Upgrading the Boomerang
Once you have achieved at least half of the total bonus hearts available, bring the boomerang to the Great Fairy at the Waterfall of Wishing for an upgrade! (At this time, any fairy pool will work)
Upgrading the Slingshot
To upgrade the slingshot, first Link must throw emeralds into a fairy pond, followed by a slingshot.
Fairy Slingshot + 128 emeralds = Scattershot
Scattershot + 320 emeralds = Super Slingshot
Any Slingshot + variable amount of emeralds = Slingshot enchanted with Power*

* Power level is commensurate with the number of bonus hearts the player currently has.

Note that emeralds may be thrown in at any time and need not be all at once; however, they may only be recovered by breaking the dungeon core block.
Slingshot Seed Effects
Wheat: No special effect, weakest damage
Melon: Knockback, medium damage
Pumpkin: Slow, medium damage
Cocoa Beans: Weakness, medium damage
Deku: Stuns enemies, best damage (may also be thrown)
Netherwart: Fire, best damage
Better Hunter Trade
You can get a better price for your monster part treasures by naming the butcher to Monster Hunter instead of just Hunter. The price will only apply to new trades, of course.
Biggorn Sword Trading Sequence
All trades involve first naming the correct type of villager with a name tag to the appropriate name from Ocarina of Time, and then presenting them with the correct treasure item. The sequence is not exactly the same, but quite close.

Each entry follows the format [villager profession][custom name][treasure required]

1. Child Farmer Talon, Tentacle
2. Farmer Cucco Lady, Pocket Egg
3. Farmer Grog, Cojiro
4. Librarian Old Hag, Odd Mushroom
5. Farmer Grog, Odd Potion
6. Blacksmith Mutoh, Poacher's Saw
7. Blacksmith Biggoron*, Broken Goron's Sword
8. Priest** King Zora, Prescription
9. Librarian** Lake Scientist, Eyeball Frog
10. Blacksmith Biggoron*, Eye Drops
11. Blacksmith Biggoron*, Claim Check***

* Note that Biggoron must be a Goron, not a regular villager
** Will eventually be a Zora and not a regular villager
*** Claim Check may only be redeemed after several days have passed.
*** Redeeming the Claim Check adds a permanent trade option for Biggoron's Sword

Note that the trades do not necessarily require the previous trade to be completed, meaning that in Creative Mode you can cheat by skipping to the last trade. In survival, the only way to do so would be if another player gave you one of the items further into the sequence, and you could then start from that trade rather than the beginning.
Mask Trading Sequence
To get started on the mask trading sequence, first you must find Zelda's Letter in a boss dungoeon. Then, rename any villager to Mask Salesman and left-click on him with the letter in hand to turn him into the Happy Mask Salesman. Talk to the Mask Salesman and he will lend you your first mask.

While wearing your newly acquired mask, speak to villagers to see if they want to purchase it; if so, take it off and hand it the villager by left-clicking with the mask in hand. They will take it from you and give you some emeralds in return. Use the emeralds to pay back the Mask Salesman, and speak to him again to receive the next mask.

Once you have sold all six masks, the Mask Salesman will let you borrow any one mask indefinitely. To borrow another, simply return the first mask to him.
Finding and Upgrading Magic Rods
Fire Rod: Found in Desert Temple boss dungeons (not vanilla desert temples!)
Ice Rod: Found in Ice Temple boss dungeons
Tornado Rod: Found in Wind Temple boss dungeons

First, find a Sacred Flame that matches the Rod's element, then swing the Rod through the flames, absorbing its power. Once this is done, travel to the nearest fairy pool and be prepared to spend a hefty sum! Prices are proportional to the original costs in A Link Between Worlds [800 for the Tornado Rod, 1200 for the others], requiring a number of full emerald stacks (64 emeralds per stack) equal to 1/100 of the original cost, i.e. 8 or 12 full stacks.
Upgrading the Hero's Bow
To upgrade the Hero's Bow, find a fairy pool and toss in 6 full stacks of emeralds to get the level 2 bow, then 9 more full stacks to get the level 3 bow (amounts are configurable). Remember to throw the bow in after the emeralds!
Acquiring Magic Arrows
There are three ways of acquiring magical arrows:

1. Arrows can be found in various secret room and boss dungeon chests.
2. If enabled in the config, magical arrows may be purchased from friendly priests by showing them your upgraded bow.
3. Magical arrows may be obtained by waving normal arrows through a Sacred Flame, imbuing the stack with the Flame's essence. Be warned that doing so may extinguish the Flame.

LINKS to User-Submitted Content (Maps, Texture packets, etc.)
Dungeon Schematic by PsiGuy60 (pics can be found here)

Since Zelda Sword Skills is an open source mod released under the LGPL v3, that means you have the right to include this mod in your modpack (regardless of who you a
Progress: 100% Complete
Game Version:Minecraft 1.7.2
Tags:Zelda, Adventure, Combat, Skills, Items, New Content

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Note: Showing last 25 of 26 logs.

1.7.2 v0.1.3 : 05/31/2014 7:23:31 pm5/31/14

1.7.2 Change Log
See the 1.6.4 change log for a full list of all additions, changes, and bug fixes.

Fixed Bugs:
- Dungeon cores still required sneaking to place fairy spawners which was impossible to do
- Could hover indefinitely with Hover Boots by holding sprint key instead of double-tap forward to sprint

1.6.4 v0.7.3 : 05/31/2014 7:23:08 pm5/31/14

+ Spawn Eggs for ZSS entities, including eggs for subtypes (e.g. Fire Keese, Ice Keese, etc.)
+ Creative Tab for new spawn eggs
+ Translation: French, 100% complete! Thanks to Hypnotic46
+ Config: Number of boss mobs to spawn for Boss Dungeon battles

- Config: updated "Boss health multiplier" description; be sure to use the new one if you changed this value
- Removed swing delay for one-handed swords, including all versions of Master Sword
- Villagers during Biggoron's Trading Sequence no longer limited to trading only once

Fixed Bugs:
- Gorons attacking Creepers
- Crash caused by overlapping global entity IDs; no longer an issue with custom spawn eggs
- Class cast exception loading sacred flame tile entities from previous world saves
- Villagers getting multiple, identical trade entries for various custom trades
- Odd Egg achievement was apparently removed during a previous update, but is once again attainable

Patched current version : 05/05/2014 9:15:46 pm5/05/14

Fixed tooltip displays for skill orbs

Skills GUI : 05/03/2014 11:47:32 pm5/03/14

+ Skill GUI: View detailed information about your skills at any time by pressing the View Skills key (default: p)
+ API: IExplodable - flags a block as explodable even when bombs are otherwise non-griefing

- [1.7.2 only] Secret rooms under water now use cobblestone texture instead of sandstone to better blend with gravel
- Detailed skill orb tooltips only show up when using advanced tooltips (F3 + H)
- Ending Blow leaves you vulnerable for twice as long if you miss entirely
- Nerfed Dash damage by one heart
- Nerfed Sword Beam damage, now does a percentage of base sword damage
- Nerfed Sword Beam master sword version: targets after the first take increasingly reduced damage
- Reduced Sword Beam exhaustion back to original level (2.0 - 0.1 per level)
- Rising Cut no longer launches the opponent into the air if the opponent is blocking
- Dodge time bonus progresses 4% per level instead of starting at 12%
- Dodge time bonus can become a penalty with poor timing at low level
- Light Arrow's one-hit-kill damage scales with charge, requiring full charge to kill in one hit
- Gorons are immune to all types of fire

Fixed Bugs:
- Crash during world creation: null pointer exception from block not found
- Crash in main menu when pressing some mod keys
- Spin and Super Spin Attack tooltip displays showed conflicting information
- Sword Break could not be used while dual wielding a shield with Battlegear2
- Targeting system could 'see' invisible opponents
- Weapons taking double durability damage while locked on
- Boss mobs despawning if player leaves dungeon or dies
- Boss dungeon gaps filled with stone regardless of dungeon type
- Bomb non-griefing config setting was unable to destroy dungeon blocks (e.g. dungeon core, dungeon stone, etc.)
- Light Arrows unable to strike Endermen
- Calendar related features (fairy respawn, claim check, sacred flame) were all completely broken
- Calendar related features using real world dates instead of in-game days
- Claim check was not getting a date set when received as part of the trade sequence

Bug Fixes for both versions : 04/21/2014 12:56:50 am4/21/14

1.6.4-beta-0.7.1 and 1.7.2-beta-0.1.1

+ Config option for Goron spawn rate (as a ratio of regular villagers to Gorons; lower means more Gorons)

- Can no longer use skills while affected by Nayru's Love

Fixed Bugs:
- [1.7.2 only] Crash when placing Dungeon Core blocks
- [1.7.2 only] Hookshot occasionally flinging player off in seemingly random direction
- Crash on dedicated server caused by missing RenderPlayer class
- Crash related to spawning Gorons during EntityJoinWorldEvent
- Dungeon Core blocks placed before update were invisible and could crash the game
- Previously placed dungeon core blocks should now auto-update saves with correct block render data
- In survival mode, player model scaled enormously in inventory while wearing Giant's Mask
- Rising Cut could be used even while blocking when dual wielding with Battlegear2
- Dash and Leaping Blow could not be used while dual wielding with Battlegear2
- Dashing while dual-wielding would both dash AND attack
- Wind Rod cyclone attack damages player
- Magic Rods had no swing animation when firing projectiles or while in use

1.6.4 beta 0.7.0: Another Huge Update : 04/18/2014 10:41:36 pm4/18/14

+ New Skill: Ending Blow - finish off a vulnerable enemy, gaining bonus xp if successful or becoming flat-footed if not
+ New Skill: Rising Cut - slash your enemies high into the air; hit them again if you can!
+ New Skill: Sword Break - demolish your enemy's weapon in just a few blows (depending upon material)
+ New Mob: Gorons! These guys are mostly like regular villagers, with a few quirks of their own.
+ New Item: Fire Rod - shoot a deadly fireball or a continuous stream of flames; melts ice; upgradable
+ New Item: Ice Rod - freeze enemies with an icy blast or slow them with a stream of ice crystals; upgradable
+ New Item: Tornado Rod - Rise to new heights or fling powerful tornados; upgradable
+ New Block: Dungeon Stone, just like Secret Stone but can have almost any texture
WARNING: Uses a tile entity; placing hundreds of these blocks WILL cause lag!
+ New Buff: Defense Up/Down applies to all damage received, not just a specific type
+ API: ISacredFlame allows any item to have special left- or right-click interaction with sacred flames
+ API: ISkillItem allows use of skills that require some kind of held item, typically a weapon
+ API: ISword flags an item as a sword; skills which specifically require ItemSword can also use ISword items
+ API: IDashItem allows item to be used with the Dash skill (great for shields!)
+ Config: Boss dungeon biome lists can now be altered (also affects location of dungeon keys)
WARNING: A dungeon will not spawn if you remove all its biome entries!
+ Config: Option to require completely full health bar for Sword Beam skill
+ Config: Piece of Power drop rate now configurable
+ Config: Targeting of players is enabled by default (setting is per client, not per server)
- Can also be toggled in-game by pressing the toggle auto-target key while sneaking

- Giant's Mask now turns you into a Giant! Slightly bugged: other players will not see a change in size.
- Major restructuring and optimization of many parts of the code
- Skills that still require some kind of sword (ItemSword or ISword) are:
- Leaping Blow, Mortal Draw, Rising Cut, Sword Beam
- Some skills that required a sword to activate can now also be activated with non-sword ISkillItems:
- Armor Break, Dash, Ending Blow, Parry, Spin Attack, Sword Break
- Dodging an attack successfully now has a sound notification
- Parry will knock attacker back slightly when successful
- Spin Attack spin speed slightly reduced - max level was way too fast
- Armor Break's exhaustion increased to 2.0F - (0.1F * level)
- Sword Beam's exhaustion increased to 3.0F - (0.2F * level)
- Sword Beam disables the attack key briefly when used (prevents extreme spamming)
- Sword Beam now has an activation sound
- Shields can now be used to activate Dash
- Improved tooltips for some items, including clearer information on how to use them
- Chus now only spawn at low light levels to prevent copious amounts of them during the day
- Chus can now only merge a slightly random limited number of times
- Cursed Keese can now inflict up to 50% Defense Down debuff
- Piece of Power additionally grants 25% Defense Up
- Pegs can no longer be jumped over when at full height
- Boss Keys display more descriptive item name (e.g. "Forest Temple Key")
- Boss Key textures renamed to key_temple_{type}
- Boss Dungeons now stored by name instead of ID
- Earth Temples no longer get completely obliterated by bombs during boss battle
- Arrow dispensers in Desert Temple now shoot randomly instead of in unison
- Ice Temples (boss dungeons) now additionally generate in ice plains
- Ceramic Jars now usually take longer to pick up dropped items
- Deku Leaf exhaustion rates greatly reduced; can no longer ultra-spam cyclones
- Dungeon Core blocks extend Dungeon Stone: can now have any simple block texture
- Dungeon Cores now always place as Fairy Spawners; no longer requires sneaking
- Dungeon Core blocks now always appear in the Creative Tab, with only two blocks
- Removed obsolete Config option for enabling Dungeon Cores in the Creative Tab
- Removed obsolete Config option for starting spawn egg ID
- Improved Textures from Jones7789: Deku Nut, Heavy + Hover Boots, Skull Hammer, Hylian + Mirror Shields
- Improved Deku Shield texture (modified from one submitted by Jones7789)
- Goron Tunics can be repaired by any Goron
- Medigoron or Biggoron must be Gorons to get their special trades
- Naming any regular villager "Barnes" gives that villager a high chance of bomb trades
- All profession-based trades can only be done with regular villagers (Chu Jelly, Hookshot upgrades, etc.)
- API: IEntityBomb can now specify factor by which to modify block destruction radius

Fixed Bugs:
- Left click would act as though held down after attacking with up arrow key (1.6.4 only)
- Leaping Blow could not be activated using the keyboard RCtrl key (1.6.4 only)
- Dash and Mortal Draw could be activated after blocking even if no longer blocking (1.6.4 only)
- Fixed skills only disabling LMB when vanilla controls enabled
- Attacking with keybinding key not setting attack time
- Keybindings for attack, etc., could be used even when they should be disabled from stun, swing speed, etc.
- Activating Spin Attack with vanilla movement keys could only spin one direction
- Mortal Draw could not be activated using the keybindings for block and attack
- Sword Beam could not be used in Creative Mode when missing health
- Sword Beam failed to terminate active combo if it completely missed any target
- Dodge could be activated while not on solid ground
- Dodge to the left could be activated by tapping left then right
- Combos displaying with size zero when using skills such as leaping blow
- Combos counting a hit as a miss in creative mode when at the very edge of reach distance
- Combos not being interrupted by damage
- Combos not accounting for armor and potion protection when player hurt, causing erroneous termination
- Combos not displaying correct damage for opponents with any kind of armor or damage reduction
- Parry and Sword Break: possible to parry a blow even if the player was no longer holding an appropriate item
- Shields blocking non-entity damage sources such as fire and lava
- Skull Hammer's smash ability did not add any exhaustion
- Prevent possible class cast exception getting Sword Pedestal tile entity
- Fixed potential class cast exception in locked chest
- Unlocking a locked chest next to a normal chest sometimes resulted in render position not matching real position
- Chus replicating like crazy when splitting and merging due to drowning or suffocation damage
- Pieces of Power could drop from non-hostile mobs
- Player motion was unaffected by Deku Leaf cyclones
- Din's Flame and Fire Arrows could destroy any kind of secret stone, not just the ice variety
- Not all mobs counted as kills for the Tempered Sword
- Ceramic Jars updating differently on client and server causing some dropped items seeming to disappear
- Fairy texture no longer uses vanilla resource path, preventing texture pack conflicts
- Sacred Flame tile entity was not loading or saving super data (coordinates, etc.)
- Entities with spawn eggs causing conflicts with other mods
- Trades added to every villager, rather than only a chance to be added for each villager individually
- Updating FOV would zoom out before zooming in and had decreased max zoom
- Possible crash during world gen if world passes invalid y value (e.g. Skyblocks map)
- Death messages missing localizations: e.g. death.attack.armorBreak
- Rocks spit by Octoroks extremely ineffective in water
- Custom explosions still destroying blocks with restriction factor of zero

1.7.2 BETA released! : 04/18/2014 10:41:05 pm4/18/14

See the 1.6.4 change log for a full list of all additions, changes, and bug fixes.

- Ice Temples (boss dungeons) now only generate in cold taiga biomes
- Forest Temples (boss dungeons) now only generate in normal forest, not birch or roofed

Fixed Bugs:
- Sword Beam using missing sound on impact
- Removed forgotten debug line in smash-block method
- Buffs rendering as incorrect buff with black background

1.7.2 alpha 0.2.4: Bug Fixes : 03/20/2014 6:17:21 am3/20/14

See 1.6.4 changelog version for other additions, changes, and bug fixes.

Fixed Bugs:
- Broken Swords giving generic version only and crashing when added to a merchant inventory

1.6.4 beta 0.6.4: Bug Fixes : 03/20/2014 6:16:48 am3/20/14

+ Added API markers (for anyone who happens to be using the Zelda API in their mod)
+ Config option to disallow hookshots from destroying blocks
+ Config option to disallow deak leaf from destroying leaves
+ Config option to disable Boss Dungeon generation
+ Spooky Mask now prevents some mobs from attacking

- Deku Shield can be repaired in the anvil with any type of wooden plank
- Deku Shield can catch arrows even when not being dual-wielded (still requires Battlegear2)
- Improved Mirror Shield deflection angles - now more responsive to player's look direction
- Refined smashing mechanics
- Glass, ice and other breakable blocks can be smashed in Adventure Mode (can be broken normally anyway)
- Hammers have increased strength vs. breakable blocks, so wooden hammers can break glass
- Breakable blocks no longer play the smash sound, just their own break sound
- Improved IHookable API includes greater flexibility in all methods plus a method to determine breakability
- Clarified secret room config documentation: it CAN be set to zero per chunk, even though it said [1-20]

Fixed Bugs:
- Crash on server derp with shields using client method for item in use
- Magic Mirror generating Nether Portals when teleporting back to the overworld
- Fixed non-opaque blocks such as glass not being smashable
- Pegs not affected by hammers in Adventure Mode
- Hookshots could be used to destroy certain blocks even in Adventure Mode

Battlegear2 Updated!
- Should now be able to safely use the regular Battlegear 1.6.4 download with ZSS
- Arrow catching is fixed, so Deku Shield will collect arrows shot at you with BG2 installed
- ShieldBlockEvent added, so Mirror Shield can reflect projectiles even when dual-wielding

1.7.2 alpha 0.2.2: Shield Hotfix : 03/12/2014 2:28:33 pm3/12/14

See 1.6.4 changelog version for other additions, changes, and bug fixes.

Fixed Bugs:
- Hero Bow not working with Battlegear2 installed

1.6.4 beta 0.6.2: Shield Hotfix : 03/12/2014 2:28:03 pm3/12/14

- API: ILiftBlock items now have a method allowing them to be damaged when lifting blocks

Fixed Bugs:
- Crash on start-up for some systems related to ItemZeldaShield and Battlegear2 API files
- Hero's Bow, Hammers and Giant Swords weren't rendering when sheathed (with Battlegear2)

1.6.4 beta 0.6.1 : 03/12/2014 4:31:29 am3/12/14

+ Shields: Compatible with BG2, yet fully functional without it!
- Deku Shield: Easily destroyed by fire, but otherwise fairly effective; *can be used to collect arrows
- Hylian Shield: Unbreakable and effective against most damage types
- Mirror Shield: Same as the Hylian shield, plus it #can reflect most ranged attacks back at the aggressor
* Requires BG2 to function; arrow catching in BG2 1.6.4 version is currently broken, but works in 1.7.2
# Does not yet work with BG2 for 1.6.4, but does when held normally and in BG2 1.7.2

+ Majora's Mask: An evil mask granting the wearer immense power, but at a price.

- Potion effects from masks now take effect immediately
- Biggoron's Sword and the Giant's Knife now render like hammers
- Boomerang, Broken Sword, Hammer, Hero Bow, and Slingshot can all be placed in BG2 weapon slots

Fixed Bugs:
- Hammers position in 3rd person not properly centered on hand
- Skill descriptions not translated properly with language localizations

1.7.2 alpha 0.2.1 : 03/12/2014 4:30:42 am3/12/14

+ Support for Battlegear2's dual-wielding and shield systems
+ See 1.6.4 changelog for further details

1.7.2 alpha 0.2.0: Huge Update : 03/09/2014 4:15:04 am3/09/14

1.7.2 alpha 0.2.0: Huge Update
- See the 1.6.4 version 0.6.0 changelog for details on content added in both versions

- See the 1.6.4 version 0.6.0 changelog for details on changes to content in both versions

Fixed Bugs:
- See the 1.6.4 version 0.6.0 changelog for details on bugs fixed in both versions
- Hookshot was not working properly, still a little funky at times but much improved
- Boomerangs were still using the old higher damage values
- Removed forgotten debug lines in sword pedestal orientation packet
- Bomb Bag rendering caused slight anomoly in rendering of Creative Tabs

1.6.4 beta 0.6.0: Huge Update : 03/09/2014 4:14:21 am3/09/14

1.6.4 beta 0.6.0: Huge Update
+ Mod API:
    ILiftable: Interface for blocks, allowing other mods' blocks to define custom lifting behavior
         * ILiftable blocks can be picked up (with appropriate equipment) even in Adventure Mode
    ILiftBlock: Interface for items, allowing other mods' items to lift blocks using the ZSS mechanics
    ISmashable: Interface for blocks, allowing other mods' blocks to define custom behavior when smashed
         * ISmashable blocks can be smashed (with appropriate equipment) even in Adventure Mode
    ISmashBlock: Interface for items, allowing other mods' items to smash blocks using the ZSS mechanics
    IArmorBreak: Allows other mods to give their weapons armor-ignoring damage using ZSS mechanics
    IFairyUpgrade: Allows other mods' items to define behavior when tossed into a fairy pool
    IHandlePickup and IHandleToss: Define specific behavior for items when picked up or tossed / dropped
    IHookable: Allows a block to be grappled regardless of material or to return a different material than its own
    ISwingSpeed: Define how quickly an item may be swung with left-click
    IZoom: Allows items to zoom in like the bow when in use, with custom rate and magnification
    IZoomHelper: Allows any item that can be worn in an armor slot to magnify the zoom of bows or IZoom
    DamageUtils and a variety of damage-related interfaces allow other mods to utilize stun, shock, etc.
    CustomExplosion and IEntityBomb provide tools for dealing with explosions

+ Added more than 40 Achievements!

+ New Mechanics:
    Lifting: Pick up any solid block as a real block, preventing other actions until placed or dropped
    Smashing: Smash any solid block to smithereens with a single blow!
    Swing Speed: Some items, such as hammers, are slow and heavy to swing

+ New Skill!!!
    Mortal Draw: Inflict deadly wounds on unsuspecting opponents with a lightning-fast blade strike!

+ New Blocks:
    Barrier, Light and Heavy: cannot be destroyed by any regular means, but can be moved using Gauntlets
    Pegs, Wooden and Rusty: use Hammers to smash them into the ground

+ New Items:
    Silver Gauntlets: Allows Link to pick up most blocks and Light Barriers (light as in the weight)
    Golden Gauntlets: Allows Link to pick up nearly any block, including the Heavy Barriers
    Hammer: Can smash wooden pegs, ceramic jars, and other easily smashable things
    Skull Hammer: Can smash rusted pegs, most regular vanilla blocks, and has a special attack
    Megaton Hammer: Can smash almost everything, including Secret Stone and Barrier blocks!
    Skill Wiper: Use it to reset all skills and hearts to level 0 (only available in Creative)

+ New Masks - Thanks to Jones7789 and Gaming_Confusion for contributing the textures!!!
    Blast Mask: Found as treasure, this mask is a blast! Press b for a good time.
    Bunny Hood: Part of the mask trading sequence; increases your speed, jump, and agility
    Couple's Mask: Part of the mask trading sequence; a sure way to make villagers frisky
    Giant's Mask: Found as treasure (currently no use)
    Gibdo Mask: Found as treasure (currently no use)
    Keaton Mask: Part of the mask trading sequence (currently no use)
    Mask of Scents: Part of the mask trading sequence; dig around in the dirt to find mushrooms
    Mask of Truth: Reward for completing the mask trading sequence; increases chance of skill orb drops
    Skull Mask: Part of the mask trading sequence; makes you look tough
    Spooky Mask: Part of the mask trading sequence (currently no use)
    Stone Mask: Found as treasure; become plain as stone (i.e. invisible)
    Gerudo Mask: Can be borrowed from the Happy Mask Salesman; wear it to look like a Gerudo girl
    Deku Mask: Can be borrowed from the Happy Mask Salesman (currently no use)
    Goron Mask: Can be borrowed from the Happy Mask Salesman (currently no use)
    Zora Mask: Can be borrowed from the Happy Mask Salesman (currently no use)
    Fierce Deity's Mask: Can be borrowed from the Happy Mask Salesman (currently no use)

+ New NPC and Quest: Happy Mask Salesman and the Mask Trading Sequence!
    If you need help, see the spoilers section for details on how to begin the trading sequence.

+ Chests are now registered with Forge's ChestGenHooks, so you can use other mods to edit their contents

+ Ceramic Jar drops are also registered with Forge as a ChestGenHook, so those can be changed, too

- Defeating any type of boss entity will typically drop a skill orb
- Config option for enabling magic arrow trades moved to correct Trades section; was in Items
- Hero Bow and Slingshot now zoom in while aiming
- Hawkeye provides a significant zoom magnification while aiming bows, slingshots, etc.
- Regular secret stone blocks are now smashable with a powerful enough hammer
- Only the Magic Boomerang can activate levers, giving map-makers more options for restricting access
- Massive reorganization of the loot lists
- Boss dungeons each have several items that generate more frequently
- Buff bar default position is now upper right of screen, displaying horizontally
- Removed friendship requirement for repairing Broken Swords
- Broken Giant's Knife may now only be repaired by renaming a blacksmith to Medigoron
- Heart requirement for Broken Giant's Knife reduced from 20 to 10
- Removed all but one set of the hero_bow textures due to improved method for rendering arrows in the bow
- Spin (and Super Spin) Attack's range and speed varies more gradually with level

Fixed Bugs:
- Player health was fully restored each login due to error during bonus heart validation
- Dungeon Cores, Secret Stone, Locked Doors and Chests, Sword Pedestals were all pushable with pistons
- Consuming items from a stack setting the stack size to the amount consumed, rather than the remainder
- Hero Bow could not fire any arrows with Battlegear2 installed
- Activating Dash while in Battlegear2's battle-mode would both attack and dash
- Leaping Blow could not be activated while in Battlegear2's battle-mode
- Level 1 Super Spin Attack was only able to spin once
- Keese did not despawn on peaceful game difficulty
- Keese would still try to attack player even in Creative Mode
- Sword pedestal update packets were occasionally sent unnecessarily
- Boss dungeons in the Nether were using the overworld minimum distance
- Broken Swords were held like regular items rather than swords
- Hookshots could destroy supposedly unbreakable blocks (e.g. the Stoneshot could destroy Locked Chests)
- Potential class cast exception in EntityHookshot
- Pulling entities with the hookshot often interrupted, caused by hookshot continuing on to hit a block
- Possible null pointer exception when getting the Broken Sword icon
- Potential exception displaying Broken Sword name when using new versions on old saves
- Toggle auto-attack chat message displaying incorrectly
- Combos not incrementing with melee weapons other than swords
- Combos not updating when no sword held, allowing combo to be continued later
- Combos not showing as finished when they should
- Combos not correctly setting to null when finished, sometimes allowing them to be continued
- Combos were not using localizations for text display

1.7.2 alpha 0.1.2 : 02/21/2014 8:43:01 pm2/21/14

Updated the 1.7.2 version:

- All features that were included in 1.6.4 version 0.5.16, excepting of course those related to other mods (BG2)

Fixed Bugs:
- Keese did not disappear when game difficulty set to peaceful (not yet fixed in 1.6.4 v0.5.16)
- All bugs that were noted as fixed in 1.6.4 version 0.5.16
- Bomb bag rendering as totally grey if a damaged stack preceded its position in the inventory
- Hero Bow only able to shoot vanilla arrows
- Slingshot seed impact sound was not working
- Hookshot sound upon impacting a block was not working
- Leaping blow impact sound was not working
- Sword Beam impact sound was not working
- Unbreakable blocks could be destroyed by explosions
    (caused by vanilla bug sending wrong x/y/z coordinates when getting explosion resistance)

1.6.4 beta 0.5.16 : 02/21/2014 10:51:13 am2/21/14

+ BattleGear2 Support!
   - Master Swords may only be held in the main hand (configurable), but allow an offhand weapon or shield
   - Biggoron's Sword and the Giant's Knife require two hands to wield, so do not allow offhand weapons or shields
+ Boomerang: stuns enemies, snags an item as well as xp orbs, and can activate all buttons and levers
+ Magic Boomerang: flies twice as far, does more damage, and can pick up multiple items
+ Deku Leaf: Whisk enemies away with a powerful cyclone, denude trees, or use it to parasail around
+ Hover Boots: Sprint to dash across chasms, liquids, ice, or slow sand.

- Heavy Boots now provide maximum knockback resistance
- Grass drops can now be acquired with the boomerang, whirlwind, and other effects

Fixed Bugs:
- Thrown bombs would revert to standard bombs if the game was exited before it exploded
- Thrown ceramic jars would not retain their item if the game was exited before it landed
- Several other projectiles were not saving all their data
- Keese were still able to move about when stunned (bats still can)
- Fairy greeting when acquiring Super Spin Attack had a typo causing chat message to fail

Server hotfix and updated 1.7.2 version to include all features from 1.6.4 : 02/17/2014 9:01:49 am2/17/14

1.7.2 alpha 0.1.1: Trade Update and Server Hotfix
+ Treasures and trading system from 1.6.4 version 0.5.15

- same chagnes as in 1.6.4 version 0.5.15

Fixed Bugs:
- same bugs fixed as in 1.6.4 version 0.5.15
- Two tile entities marked for update without providing an updateEntity override

1.6.4 beta 0.5.15: Server Hotfix
- Stun is now entirely on the Buff system, so an icon will display when you are stunned

Fixed Bugs:
- Goron Tunic taking same damage regardless of active Resist Fire buff or Weakness to Fire debuff
- Pulling targets with the hookshot crashed on multiplayer due to vanilla setVelocity method being client-side only
- Sword miss and Spin Attack sounds not heard by other players

1.6.4 beta 0.5.14: Trading Update : 02/16/2014 2:57:02 am2/16/14

+ Biggoron's Sword trading sequence! See spoilers for details.
+ Special monster drops, such as the Monster Claw, may be sold to Hunters (renamed butchers) for a good price*
+ Evil Crystal may be traded with any Priest for an uncharged Spirit Crystal
+ Config option to set initial spawn egg ID; should be able to resolve any conflicts

- Villagers now use their own extended data for trading; previous chu jelly trades will be lost
- To trade Chu Jellies, the librarian villager must include "Doc" in his/her name (use a name tag)

Fixed Bugs:
- Could not spin attack to the left with the arrow keys (vanilla controls can not spin left no matter what)
- Common Octorok was getting a damage bonus when spitting rocks
- Ceramic jars were not being broken by explosions
- Ceramic jars were not breaking when supporting block removed
- Ceramic jars were were able to be placed on top of each other

* NOTE that there is a bug in the vanilla trading system that fails to distinguish between subtyped items in the items to buy field, so you can sell any type of treasure once any treasure trade is unlocked. There is nothing I can do about this, sorry.

1.7.2 Alpha Release 0.1.0 : 02/15/2014 4:08:55 am2/15/14

- updated to 1.7.2
- verified that the mod runs and skills, sounds, etc. are working
- there will be bugs; please report them!

While I have tested this version to the extent that I know it is playable, it is an ALPHA version and, as such, expect there to be lots of bugs. Please do not use it on any world save that you wish to keep, as I cannot guarantee stability.

Currently, all features available in 1.6.4-0.5.13 are available with the exception of Antique Atlas support, as that mod has not yet updated, and the treasure items are not yet implemented either.

PLEASE report BUGS, including a crash log if possible, so that I can more easily fix any problems that may arise. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.

0.5.13 : 02/14/2014 5:48:05 am2/14/14

+ New Mob: Keese, in 5 unique varieties, with options to control their swarm size and chance
+ New Buffs: EvadeUp and EvadeDown buffs - some enemies may now dodge attacks!
+ New Item: Rubber Boots reduce shock damage by half while worn
+ New Treasures: Evil Crystal, Jelly Blob, Monster Claw, and Dismembered Tentacle
+ New Creative Tabs to help you find things more easily

- New Fairy Bottle texture, again thanks to Jones7789
- Tempered Sword only requires 300 kills by default rather than 1000; can be configured from 100-1000
- Octorok bombs no longer send the player flying, but cause slightly more damage
- Dodge is affected by evasion buffs
- Heavy and Pegasus Boots now use buff system to modify Dodge chance
- Piece of Power grants evasion bonus in addition to previous effects

Fixed Bugs:
- Crash when trying to update a null combo
- Crash when right-clicking on a fairy with nothing
- Seems I accidentally disabled the combo display... it's back in now
- Fixed Pendant of Virtue positions in the sword pedestal to coincide better with the Zelda games
- Added missing localizations for can't use skill and secret stone messages
- Cold damage was not applying slow effects
- Possible spawn egg id conflicts with other mods (needs confirmation)
- Fixed misspelling of Nayru

Antique Atlas Support, Chus, and more : 02/11/2014 7:20:59 am2/11/14

User Contributions:
+ Support for Antique Atlas! Thanks to Hunternif (author of Antique Atlas), Boss Dungeons show up on your antique map
+ New Octorok model and texture courtesy of Jones7789

+ A new Buff mechanic, granting resistances and weaknesses to different damage types (for players AND mobs)
+ Vanilla mobs all have appropriate resistances and weaknesses (Buffs) applied upon spawning into the world
+ Vanilla mob buffs can be disabled in the Config; see below for exact details on the mobs and buffs
+ HUD for active Buffs and Debuffs; alignment and orientation is configurable; press v to hide or display
+ New Mob: Chuchus, somewhat related to slimes, but in 4 distinct varieties
+ Chu Jelly: collect enough for the Doc (currently any librarian) to open up Potion trades
+ New Yellow Potion: grants resistance to shock damage for 5 minutes
+ Piece of Power: drops randomly from enemies; grants attack boost and stun resist, but cannot be saved for later
+ Spirit Crystals can now be recharged at the appropriate Sacred Flame

+ Magic arrows (fire, ice, and light) now rely on Buff system for augmented damage

Fixed Bugs:
- Players easily stun-locked; now there is a stun resist time during which player is immune to further stun effects
- Hero Bow not rendering correctly in 3rd person view (still no zoom, sorry)
- Golden Sword could be attained after slaying only a single foe with the Tempered Sword
- Broken Swords could stack
- Left-clicking on an entity with any of the tunic armor pieces would cause damage
- Left-clicking on an entity with any of the new potions would cause damage
- Left-clicking on an entity with any of the masks would cause damage
- Left-clicking on an entity with any filled spirit crystal would cause damage
- Heavy and Pegasus Boots were erroneously purchased by priests instead of blacksmiths
- Unable to trade for water bombs if bomb bag trades were disabled
- Priests would sell magic arrows regardless of frienship status

Mob Buffs
- Any entity that is immune to fire receives double damage from cold and 1/4 from fire damage
- Undead creatures receive 4x damage holy damage but only 1/2 cold damage and 1/2 stun time
- Undead creatures that are not immune to fire receive 1.5x damage from fire sources
- Golems are completely immune to both cold and stun
- Witches receive 1/4 damage from magic sources
- The Wither, though immune to fire, is not weak to cold

Fixes and stuff : 02/08/2014 4:25:00 am2/08/14

Saving Your Config File
If you'd like to retain most of your previous configuration settings, open your config file and remove all entries in each of the following sections: General, Items, and Trades. When you restart ZSS, all the new and changed entries will automatically appear without overwriting any of your previous settings in other sections. Once all the entries are up-to-date, you may change them normally.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Changes to Jar Generation
Surface jars have a chance per chunk to generate a single cluster, with the number of jars per cluster also configurable. Subterranean and Nether jars each have settings for the number of clusters per chunk, the chance to generate each cluster, and the number of jars per cluster.

+ Spirit Crystals: absorb a Sacred Flame to store the magical power contained within for later use
+ Din's Fire: Unleash a devastating fire attack after a brief charging period
+ Farore's Wind: Mark your current position and teleport to it later; not transdimensional
+ Naryu's Love: Become temporarily immune to all damage, but consumes all your hunger and prevents use of magic
+ Potions: Red restores 10 hearts, Green restores full hunger, Blue restores full hunger plus 20 hearts
+ Dungeon Cores may be enabled in the Creative Tab, allowing fairy spawners to be placed
- Note that you must be sneaking while placing the block for it to turn into a fairy spawner
+ Sacred Flames are capable of rekindling; set the number of days required or disable by setting to 0
+ Magic arrows (ice, etc.) may be purchased from villagers under certain conditions (may be disabled via config)
+ Custom rendering for custom arrows, so they no longer all look like vanilla arrows when shot
+ Lots of new Config options related to the new items, effects, and jar generation; see the config file for details

- Improved jar generation algorithms; changed all related config settings to coincide
- Hookshot briefly stuns targets
- To reel entities in with the hookshot, the player must now be sneaking in addition to wearing Heavy Boots
- Can now set fairy spawner chance anywhere from 0 to 100

Fixed Bugs:
- Boss Dungeons and Secret Rooms in the Nether using incorrect texture with custom biomes installed
- Freezing / unruly lag in the Nether caused by quirk in jar generation code
- No sound when fire arrow is extinguished by water
- Occasional ghost blocks when using fire / ice arrows caused by running set block code on both sides
- Fire arrows not consistently affecting blocks
- Fire arrows not melting snow
- Light arrows able to one-hit kill certain mob types even if it was a boss mob (i.e. implements IBossDisplayData)
- Config setting 'enableLightArrowBreak' is really 'enableFireArrowMelt'; renamed to match
- Players could still attack and use items when stunned
- Could pull other entities with the hookshot even if the target was also wearing Heavy Boots

Hotfix for server crash : 02/06/2014 6:44:57 pm2/06/14

+ Configurable subterranean ceramic jar generation

Fixed Bugs:
- Hero's Bow client field initialization caused server crash

Version 0.5.9: Hero's Bow : 02/06/2014 8:21:34 am2/06/14

+ Hero's Bow! This bow is needed to shoot any of the special arrows (must be upgraded to shoot elemental arrows)
+ Bomb Arrows! All 3 types are available; craft with any type of bomb and a regular arrow
+ Elemental Arrows: Fire, Ice, and Light, each with special properties (see spoilers for details)
+ Hawkeye Mask: poor armor, but excellent aim; with this, Link will rarely if ever miss
+ Deku Nuts can be thrown or fired with the slingshot, stunning enemies and inflicting decent damage
+ Bomb Bags can now be emptied quickly when held by pressing while sneaking
+ Automatic bomb arrows by sneaking while firing the bow (can be disabled) - see Tips for more information
+ Several config options for Hero's Bow and Arrows

- Jars now generate in small clusters according to config settings; may also generate in water
- Item config descriptions all changed to be more clear and better organized
- All seeds fired from the slingshot now use deku nut texture instead of vanilla seed texture

Comments :

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Level 1
New Network
August 31, 2014, 8:43 pm

I had to switch from Minecraftforum.net due to the censorship coolAlias, if I have any other bug reports I run into that you are not aware of, I'll be happy to post them here instead.

Again, great mod and thanks for the time and dedication put forth towards it!

Level 1
New Miner
August 30, 2014, 7:13 am

If you play with the MCA mod, the gorons are villagers. MCA turns normal villagers into smart, socialising people. The game probably reads gorons as villagers and turns them into MCA villagers as well. Also the achievement where you need to blast open a dungeon or something just randomly activates even if I don't use a bomb, usually when Istart a new surival world

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
August 30, 2014, 4:59 pm

MCA's issue is, well, MCA's issue. They are turning all entities that extend EntityVillager into theirs, rather than only vanilla villagers. As for the achievement, that is a known issue caused by some of the dungeons being opened up during world generation, and I have yet to find time to fix it; however, the 1.7.10 release should be coming out in the next couple of days!

Level 1
New Miner
August 31, 2014, 4:05 am

perhaps you could change the gorons into creatures rather than villagers?

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
August 31, 2014, 7:55 am

I could, but then I would have to replicate all of the villager code, which would be ridiculous, and nothing is to stop some other mod from overriding all creatures and turning them into something else, too.

Sorry, but this is MCA's issue - if they feel that they absolutely must replace every single villager whether it is modded or not, then that's what they are going to do. You should bring this issue up with them.

Level 3
Apprentice Architect
August 23, 2014, 9:23 pm

can you make a server with this mod?

Level 1
New Explorer
August 22, 2014, 2:45 am

BUG REPORT: dupe bug glitch with tornado staff i have 1.7.2 and when i use the tornado staff to move items with shift + R click it sometimes dupes and one time it dupes so much my game nearly crashed

Level 1
New Explorer
August 22, 2014, 2:49 am

crashes alot on 1.7.10

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
August 22, 2014, 5:24 am

That's because it is for 1.7.2., not 1.7.10.

Level 1
New Miner
August 17, 2014, 1:47 pm

Hey CoolAlias

Latest update is working great! only Issues I have found is that when transfering between dimensions or logging out, buff's from the pegasus boots do not carry over and have to be re-equipped to register the buffs again.

Also, when used with the battle gear mod.... the Hero's bow starts to act very odd. Upgrading it still works fine; however, arrow effects (if the arrow even manages to notch) seem to be unpredictable (Ice arrows acting like fire arrows, water bomb arrows not working in the water, fire arrows acting like bomb arrows, etc.)

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
August 19, 2014, 7:32 pm

What version of the mod are you using? I tested the pegasus boots in 1.7.2-0.1.3 and they work fine, both traveling through a Nether portal and logging out and back in.

Level 1
New Miner
August 21, 2014, 4:26 pm

I have tested this on Forge versions 1.7.2 and using version 1.7.2-0.1.3 of your mod

Perhaps it's because I'm running it on a server?

Level 1
New Miner
August 22, 2014, 2:20 pm

Ah, I think I've discovered more about it, this may be intentional on your part. It seems to be caused by wearing a mask with the pegasus boots (more specifically the mask of truth). Are effects from armour not supposed to stack? My guess is that upon logging in or loading a dimension, the buffs are reapplied and the mask of truth buff trumps the pegasus boots buff.

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
August 17, 2014, 2:06 pm

Thanks for the report - I've got a 1.7.10 version close to completion, so I'll check out the pegasus boot / buff issue; as for the Hero's Bow and BG2, can you duplicate the issue if you start a new world, or is it only in worlds in which you had run previous versions of either mod?

Whenever you update a mod and any items are added or removed, the IDs can change in relation to the world save and the Hero's Bow seems to be particularly susceptible to this issue, for whatever reason.

Level 1
New Miner
August 21, 2014, 4:33 pm

You are correct, when creating a new world, the Hero's bow appears to work fine. Hmmm any insight into how to fix this without a world reset? All I can think of trying is possibly manually editing the NBTs but that would probrably take a silly amount of time haha

Great to hear that a 1.7.10 version is on its way! I believe your mod is the last mod that I'm waiting for to update on my server.

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
August 21, 2014, 4:59 pm

I'm working on re-writing some parts of the Hero's Bow which may fix the problem you are having. If it doesn't, I don't think NBT editing will help you, unless you edit the world save files. I would wait and see if the update fixes it before trying anything that drastic.

Level 1
New Miner
August 22, 2014, 2:23 pm

Indeed, just realized that it would involve editing the thousands upon thousands of secret room chests that exist in the world which (Unless I can somehow figure out how to make a program do it for me), Is completely out of the question! Will wait for the next update, well appreciated ahead of time!

Level 1
New Miner
July 28, 2014, 10:29 am

Friends I have a problem all the arrows do not work. I bow level 3. works for me and no arrow. already put it in the inventory and nothing near me does not work help

Level 1
New Crafter
August 11, 2014, 9:11 am

are you using a normal bow or heros bow?

Level 1
New Miner
July 6, 2014, 4:04 pm

I can't seem to get Rising Slash to work. Every time I do it, it just jumps and slashes. Any tips?

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
July 7, 2014, 8:03 pm

Have you pressed 'p' to open the skills GUI and read the entry for "Rising Slash"? If you haven't, please do so; if you have, please tell me what about the description is not clear so I can hopefully make it more understandable in the future.

Level 4
Apprentice Architect
July 1, 2014, 1:48 pm

How does one get an upgraded bows without the pool method? If impossible, can I create one and how?

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
July 7, 2014, 8:04 pm

Without a fairy pool, the only way to upgrade your bow is to edit the NBT somehow. The tags are all pretty obvious.

EDIT: Oh, you mean create a fairy pool! Well, if you don't want to cheat, you really do have to find one... otherwise, you can grab one of the fairy spawner blocks (Dungeon Core) out of the Creative Tabs and just place it anywhere - it will automatically be a fairy spawner, though fairies may take a while to spawn if it is not night (and if they are in the sun, they will die right away!!!)

Level 11
Journeyman Miner
June 27, 2014, 7:14 pm

I credited you for my recreation of the 1st zelda http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/zelda-nes-remake/

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
June 28, 2014, 9:13 am

Neat xD I plan on adding a config option to allow you to start with only 3 hearts as well - could be useful for maps such as yours.

Level 11
Journeyman Miner
June 28, 2014, 9:29 am

that would be helpful. Is it possible to summon your mobs with commands?

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
July 6, 2014, 1:41 pm

Not currently, but I've fixed the spawn eggs so they will spawn from dispensers for the next version.

Level 11
Journeyman Miner
July 7, 2014, 9:43 am

awesome! :)

Level 1
New Network
June 27, 2014, 6:15 am

How Do U Take A Sword From The Pedastel?

Level 1
New Crafter
June 27, 2014, 8:52 am

you need the pendents of wisdom, power, and courage and put them into the pedastel in the right spots

Level 11
Journeyman Miner
June 22, 2014, 9:41 am

Your spawn eggs when used in a dispenser drop the egg instead of spawning the mob as of this update.

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
June 28, 2014, 9:11 am

Ah, yes, that they would... guess I'll have to fix that. Thanks for pointing it out.

Level 1
New Miner
June 11, 2014, 11:59 am

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
June 10, 2014, 5:37 pm

For those asking about PERMISSIONS, sorry I've run out of space in the description page, so here it is from the thread on MCF:

Since Zelda Sword Skills is an open source mod released under the LGPL v3, that means you have the right to include this mod in your modpack (regardless of who you are), use it for custom maps, etc. All I ask is that you credit me as the original author and provide a link to this page so users can find the most up-to-date information. Thanks for your cooperation.

Level 1
New Explorer
June 10, 2014, 11:48 am

This. Is. Awesome. And Huge and extremely detailed. You, sir, deserve a hug and a diamond.

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
June 10, 2014, 5:37 pm


Level 1
New Crafter
June 10, 2014, 9:14 am

im making a mini zelda modpack and i was wondering once it is out of beta can i make it public? just wanting to check your permison

Level 2
Apprentice Miner
June 8, 2014, 4:35 pm

so do all the dungeons just spawn in my minecraft world or do i have to make them and how do i find all of the items

Level 2
Apprentice Miner
June 6, 2014, 10:59 am

May i please make an adventure map with this

Level 1
New Miner
June 4, 2014, 5:39 am

(1.6.4) Z, err, X-Targeting isn't working, I tried to change the controls in order to know if it was bugged but still the same problem, what do I do?

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
June 4, 2014, 7:25 am

You need to have at least one level in the 'Basic Technique' skill to use Z (X) targeting. This is why, by default, you should start with one Skill Orb of Basic Technique.

Level 1
New Miner
June 5, 2014, 4:58 am

Ooooh I see, the problem was that when I started a second world in survival, the basic skill orb wasn't in my inventory, that's why :D thank you

Level 1
New Miner
May 25, 2014, 11:45 am

Quick stupid question: Do you get the megaton hammer by trading with villagers or from temples?

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
May 25, 2014, 6:19 pm

Neither; it is found in secret rooms, but only those that are blocked by Heavy Barrier Blocks - you will need the Golden Gauntlets to get inside.

Level 8
Apprentice Archer
May 23, 2014, 2:22 pm

I have a suggestion.

There should be a worldgen called LOZ (abbreviated Legend Of Zelda) gen, that generates the legend of zelda world, it would be cool to see castles everywhere and townspeople to talk to, and if it's survival, there will be quests just like in the real game.

The spawnpoint will always be the kokori (idk about spelling) town, and the map will look similar to hyrule on LOZ Ocarina of Time.

It seems challenging....but not impossible :P

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
May 24, 2014, 7:45 am

You're looking for custom maps with mods like Noppes' CustomNPCs to flesh out the world and add quests, not a world gen option. Out of the scope of this mod, sorry, but you're more than welcome to use this mod to create such a map yourself :P

Level 8
Apprentice Archer
May 25, 2014, 3:18 am

oh, also, your version of dungeon mobs are too overpowered.....

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
May 25, 2014, 6:58 am

That's an opinion, not a fact ;) Besides, their health is configurable and their weapons, armor, and health scale with the game difficulty - it's a BOSS battle, it's supposed to be somewhat challenging. If you find it too hard, you are not using the tools available to you effectively (potions, golden apples, skills, etc.). Go in prepared, and switch the game to Easy if it's still too hard for you.

Level 8
Apprentice Archer
May 25, 2014, 8:02 am

lol thanks for telling me, but i dont really think there should be 3 bosses in one room. But anyways, i will look into that in my config file.

About going in prepared, i used TMI on hard mode to get over-enchanted armor and tools to destroy them, but even that doesnt work...lolol (this doesnt mean i cheat - i was testing Too many items mod to see how overpowered you can get)

It is going to suck on hardcore, it will be a rather difficult task of destroying the 3 bosses that spawn in the dungeon, and even worse is that there's no coming back...even though i love hardcore.
i better change the health of the bosses immediatly!

I found a bug with the gorons. they are missing their texture.
And what good use does the treasure do for you anyway? all i do with it is mount it on a wall..

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
May 25, 2014, 11:00 am

In the next version, you will also be able to configure how many spawn; if you are playing on Hard, then, yeah, they're pretty dang tough... I recommend full enchant on everything and as many golden apples as you can get, and be sure to use Armor Break to inflict full damage (they may not look it, but they are all fully decked out in diamond armor on Hard!).

See the spoilers section for what the Treasures do. No one else has mentioned having trouble with the Goron texture and it works fine for me - make sure you didn't delete it or something like that.

Level 8
Apprentice Archer
May 23, 2014, 2:11 pm

nice shield model-nothing i seen before. diamond.

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
May 24, 2014, 7:43 am

Thanks - it's actually not a model, just two textures back-to-back; I got the idea / technique from the Battlegear2 guys ;)

Level 4
Apprentice Architect
July 1, 2014, 2:03 pm

Seems as though you take much inspiration from that mod and acknowledge its many features.

Level 1
New Explorer
May 21, 2014, 2:02 pm

Thanks for opensource, I am making a modpack and I like this mod...
A link here.

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
May 21, 2014, 5:17 pm

Thanks for the link!

Level 1
New Miner
May 21, 2014, 1:47 pm

Very Nice mod, managed to crash it by holding right click and spamming the bomb button. Causes a crash after a couple bombs.

Also... could you make an achievent section in your spoilers perhaps? was trying to test your acheivements and couldn't quite figure out the shield achievement after getting the true master sword. makes it sound like i'm supposed to craft a mirror shield?

An amazing job though, great work!!!

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
May 21, 2014, 5:16 pm

Thanks for the feedback - I'll check out the bombs. As for the achievements, I would add a section, but there is a limit to the amount of text that can go on these pages... I need to create a proper wiki for it, as I'm constantly having to remove information here, but I just haven't had time. I tried to make the names and text of each achievement as hints for how to obtain it; you cannot 'craft' a mirror shield in the standard sense, but iirc, you've got the right idea (i.e. you need to obtain a mirror shield somehow, and you just got the true master sword as a prereq - think you're going to need that with you!)

Level 1
New Miner
May 24, 2014, 5:58 am

No problem, I feel honoured to be able to help debug such a unique mod!

I figured out the sheild... very sneaky haha, I can't belive that I didn't think of it before. Just testing though all of your achievements, I seem to be having a problem during the trading sequence for the Biggoron sword... The trading sequence works great however It didn't trigger the achievement for the Cucco Lady. No matter if I start the trading sequence from scratch or jump right to her trade in creative, I cannot seem to get the achievement.

Also, the achievement for using your sword skills to defeat a boss, Should I be using a specific move to achieve this? (finishing blow maybe?) I happened to beat a boss using the spin attack and didnt get it.

Other than this, All achievents appear to be working no problem!

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
May 24, 2014, 7:39 am

Weird, I could swear the Cucco Lady achievement worked before, but it was most definitely broken (fixed it for the next version)... thanks xD

The 'defeat a boss' achievement is triggered by getting the skill orb that drops from boss mobs; unfortunately, the mobs that I currently use for the boss battles do not actually count as bosses, so you have to search out the Wither or Ender Dragon (or boss mobs from other mods) to get this achievement.

Level 11
Journeyman Cake
May 14, 2014, 2:41 pm

how do i shoot the fire arows

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
May 15, 2014, 6:52 pm

Oh wow, looks like I must have deleted the Hero's Bow section in the item descriptions! Sorry about that! You need to upgrade the bow at a fairy pool; level 2 lets you shoot fire and ice arrows, level 3 can shoot all arrows.

Level 1
New Miner
May 11, 2014, 4:44 pm

An idea for something you could add is a upgrade for the Roc's feather to the Roc's cape and with the Roc's cape you could get a double jump. Just an idea.

Level 1
New Crafter
May 10, 2014, 11:49 am

you should put in the magic armor from twilight prinsess.
you could use gold,emeralds and dimonds as the rupees and it will give you buffs

Level 8
Apprentice Archer
May 23, 2014, 2:17 pm

sounds cool but it should also be hard to obtain just like in Legend of zelda twighlight princess,
maybe you could buy it from a blacksmith villager for a high price of 120 emeralds? (two stacks)?
i mean for the whole set, it shouldnt take you hours to look at the villager's deals to find the chestplate, ect.

Level 1
New Miner
May 9, 2014, 10:00 am

plz make the goran mask zora and deku mask do stuf

Level 1
New Crafter
May 10, 2014, 7:27 am

and Fierce Deity's mask

Level 8
Apprentice Archer
May 23, 2014, 2:18 pm

the diety mask is too op, especially in SMP.,
which is why we dont use it in any other place but boss arenas in legend of zelda, majora's mask.
although i support the other masks though, i want the giant's mask :P :P

Level 25
Expert Creeper Hugger
May 4, 2014, 4:29 pm

Amazing !!!!

Level 1
New Miner
May 1, 2014, 7:26 am

Is there any way to disable certain mobs in the mod, such as keese?

Level 55
Grandmaster Modder
May 1, 2014, 9:14 pm

Set the spawn rate to zero in the configuration file.

Level 1
New Miner
May 8, 2014, 4:09 pm

I don't want to sound noobish but how exactly do I do that? I want to say thank you in advanced also.

Level 1
New Miner
May 8, 2014, 4:31 pm

I feel so foolish, I just realised you told how to change the config in the mod info... Disregard the previous statement. Amazing mod by the way!

Level 1
New Miner
April 30, 2014, 11:59 am

You should make a spawn zelda and gannan to just add to the experiance

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