Hill Valley Clock Tower (Back to the Future)

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Level 28 : Expert Princess
This is as accurate to the movies as I could pull off. Did more than I intended to do, I included an interior, though it's not seen in the movies (nor built on set). I went a bit nuts on the interior lol. In the attic are three redstone mechanisms. The two on either side open up a passage to the clock tower ledge, and a lever behind each "gargoyle" to temporarily close it behind ya. The center is the "clock" mechanism which is just a simple noise maker made to sound somewhat like a clock that works (1955version vs 1985+).
Otherwise its fully furnished save the basement, and includes the road where the DeLorean was sent back . Tell me what y'all think.
Progress: 100% Complete
Tags:Hill Valley, Clock Tower, DeLorean, Back, The, Future, Land Structure

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