Blockstackers Universe - Vanilla, PvP/Factions, Creative, FTB, UHC

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Blockstackers Universe - Vanilla, PvP/Factions, Creative, FTB, UHC
Status:Status Offline Pinged: 05/01/14
Game Version:Minecraft 1.5.2
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Blockstackers Universe got it start in the summer of 2012, now it's become a family-oriented community with many options to choose from. We have public servers, for any and all ages to connect to via play.blockstackers.net and we also have two whitelisted servers which are age restricted. If you're interested in applying for whitelist on vanilla or FTB please go HERE.



Below you'll find links to each of our servers' pages - go take a look; all servers come with shiny maps!
  • Vanilla - Our original 18+ whitelisted vanilla survival server; still requires whitelisting, but has now been joined by a few public servers!

  • Feed The Beast - Our 16+ whitelisted Mindcrack FTB server; as yet we've managed to not melt down the world with any "unfortunate" incidents...

  • Creative Builds - Our public creative builds server; 5 worlds, 3 different plot sizes to choose from - ever wanted to build that looming castle of doom? Now you can!

  • PVP/Factions - Our public PVP/Faction server, with a twist. It's still PVP, it's still Factions, but we actually came up with a backstory, and have a variety of NPC's running around who you can either befriend or off. Careful though, because they will declare war on you if they think you've earned it...

  • UHC - Custom-built UHC plugin for 24/7 non-stop ultra hard core fun. Open to the public, you can queue up for the next match, either solo, or in a team. (under construction at the moment)


We started out with a single rule: "Don't be a dick"; that rule is still our main guideline. However, each server may add additional rules or guidelines, for that you'll have to take a look at our forums, but rest assured that we're not going to kill you by dropping a 10 ton rulebook on your head. Keep in mind that both our whitelisted servers have a minimum age; 18 for vanilla survival, and 16 for Feed The Beast.


Couldn't be easier! Connect your Minecraft client to play.blockstackers.net which will land you in our lobby. From the lobby, you can reach every one of our servers (with the exception of the FTB one) by walking into it's portal.


For more info, to ask questions, or just to see what's going on, visit our website and have a look around.

Additional Notes

A one stop server for all of man's minecraft addictions. We have public creative, UHC, PvP/Faction servers and two whitelisted servers, vanilla and FTB.
Tags:Public Server, Vanilla, Whitelist, FTB, Creative, PvP, Factions, UHC, All Ages, Mature, Friendly, Family, Community
Credit:Credit goes to Ben @ Blockstackers.net and okusu at deviantart for image.

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